Awww, your baby is so cute...

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Awww, your baby is so cute...

What's her name? How old is she?

Today he was wearing brown loafers and a navy dress shirt with a collar, and still he gets mistaken for a girl! Anyone else have this "problem"?

And...does this mean I'm getting closer to actually having a girl someday? LOL!

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i don't. lucas' biggest comment is how big his eyes are. but as a baby i was always called a boy. my mom dressed me in pink and pierced my ears and it didn't change anything:rolleyes:

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I've had Ronin dressed all in blue with cars on it and been told he is such a pretty little girl. For him it's the eyelashes I think. Only the last couple of months have people been guessing right that he's a boy most of the time.

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DS's big eyes and long eyelashes get him called a girl all the time. If we're out in town, he's usually on me in a carrier so it not like people can really see his clothes. If someone comments on how pretty/beautiful/cute SHE is, I just smile and say thank you and move on. I'm rarely asked what his name is. A lot of people ask how old he is because they always seem to think he's older. It doesn't really bother me when they think he's a girl. It's a guessing game with bald babies. Wink

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funniest thing hands down was when Trevor was a baby. We went to Mc donalds at the drive thru and the lady handing us our food said "She has such pretty eye lashes" LMAO! So funny, till this day I think back and laugh. He was dressed up and down in blue too.
Chloe was dressed in a blue onesie with pink writing on it with her hair up in a pony tail, she was called a boy. she had her pink ear rings in too.
I think people just feel like they need to tell you how cute your baby is, without really thinking about what they are saying. I always smile and say thank you. I could see how someone would get annoyed if it happened all the time though.

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I have to say, honestly, 100% I have NEVER had anyone once think Sophie is a boy... they always get it right. HOWEVER, w DD1, she was in a PINK carrier, completely wearing a PURPLE dress, w headband, the whole nine yards, and she was mistaken TWICE in the same day for a boy... LMFAO... I don't know what ppl are thinking these days... Blum 3

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I get, 'Cute baby. Is it a boy or girl?' Even when she is decked out in frilly pink.

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I don't mind people mistaking Rowan for a boy. What I do mind is the following conversation that I've had with more than one person:

Person: Oh what an adorable girl. What's her name?
Me: Her name is Rowan.
Person: Sorry, I meant boy. You never can tell, can you? He's adorable.

Really? I know it isn't that common of a name, and I know it's slightly more common for boys, but if I say "her," please believe I'm talking about a girl.

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People just don't think before they speak! Seriously, just stick with "what a cute baby!"

I've not had anyone mistake Lucas for a girl. However, w/ Lily I had it happen several times, I think b/c she was so bald for so long. Once I had a man ask if she was a boy, and when I said that she was a girl he said "Oh good, I was hoping you wouldn't dress a boy in pink clothes." :rolleyes:

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when he was tiny he used to get "awww, isn't she cute?" Now he's bigger the FIRST thing anyone says is "Is he ginger?" like it's a bad thing that he's got ginger hair!!! He can't help it! I don't get the red hair hatred!

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One day Evan was in his blue and brown "All Stars" car seat, in blue clothes, and a girl at a restaurant said, "Oh what a cute boy." Ugghhhh!! I just smiled and said thank you. I guess for DS it was his long hair. He was born with a head full and still has it. We did get a trim to "even everything up" after he hit the 6 month mark. I agree with others, if you can't tell from all blue or all pink clothes, just say it's a cute baby.

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Yep, DD has been mistaken for a boy. I don't mind at all. I just find it odd that people think I would dress my boy in flowery clothes.