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Baby Signs

Anyone else doing, or planning on doing, baby signs with their LO? What are you working on so far?

I just started doing them with Odin since he became really interested in copying what I am doing. I guess I could have started them a while ago but I remember it going much faster with DS1 when he was ready. I felt like I had been doing them in vain for a long time before he picked them up. Right I'm just doing 'more' and 'all done'. I'll see what other ones I want to add after that. Maybe 'milk' but he calls nursing 'nana' and communicates pretty effectively with that. We did a load of them with DS1 since he didn't talk until he was much older but Odin seems much more vocal at a much younger age so maybe I'll just do some basics.

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I've been baby signing with Aiden since he was 4 months old. We consistently do "all done" and "milk." I do "more" but there's not a lot of opportunity for it right now. Every now and then I'll do "cat", "mom", and "dad". He doesn't sign back at all, but for the past month he seems to notice that I'm doing something with my hands that means something. I know he understands the meanings of "milk" (BFing for us) and "all done." Just waiting for the day where he signs back! Can't wait! Then I'll add more signs.

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We do "milk," "more," "dad," and "jump" (we would do "mom" but someone keeps forgetting it).

She definitely recognizes and responds to milk and jump. I thought she signed milk at me the other day, but I'm not sure. I fed her anyway, just in case.

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I'm doing more and all done....that should get us through until she starts talking.

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I hear really good things about it; but I won't lie, I don't think I would be consistant enough w it for her to really get the hang of it...

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Sounds great' but I honestly have no clue what you guys are talking about. Sad

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Anna - Baby sign language. They pick it up and can understand and communicate pretty effectively w/ you before they can talk, but at what age exactly I'm not sure. I googled it when I had DD and learned a few from some websites. I also have the Baby Einstein Baby Signs DVD, not that we really watch it.

I haven't, but I really should start doing a few w/ him. The ones that I always did w/ my DD were "more" "all done" "milk" "sleep" and "bath". If there were more I don't really remember.

ETA: Oh yeah, and "eat" and "drink".

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I should, my step Mum bought me baby sign flash cards so I shouls at least attempt a few

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Anna, some of us are nuts in thinking and hoping that we can communicate with the babies before they can talk. So far my reward has been stares that communicate the thoughts of "my mom is crazy" and "why won't she stop." Lol
This is a descent free, easy to use for the basics website.

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We just started, but haven't been consistent yet. We'll probably just do the basics like we did with DD1: drink, more, all done, sleep and maybe a few others. It came in very handy last time.