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    Quote Originally Posted by abacaxi View Post
    What technicalities? Child support is an obligation, and even if he is not working, the state generally presumes he is at least able to earn minimum wage and assesses the support level based on that.

    I can't remember where exactly you are in Texas, but here is a site that provides all the information your friend will need: Texas

    Also, there is always free legal assistance available for those who need it (see site above), even if that assistance is limited to showing them how to fill out the appropriate forms. So your friend doesn't necessarily need to hire an attorney. Things like the child support process are pretty streamlined. I believe most people that file do so without an attorney's assistance.

    Thanks for the info!! I will for sure let her know about all that. She said that he gets paid under the table and by the time they catch up with him, he quits and goes somewhere different. She said once the support equals up to $500 he has to go to jail for it so at $490 he pays $10 and gets out of it. Seems to me like she could do something about this issue. I am watching him today and they are playing really well together.

    eta: I tried going to the site but the link isn't working for me. We are in the galveston county area of texas
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