Back From Vacation

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Back From Vacation

We have been back for a couple of weeks now, but I've just gotten a chance to get on and get some pics posted. Sorry in advance if they are completely huge. I'm not great at resizing, or anything technical for that matter when it comes to this stuff. We had a blast. DS loved the sand, just didn't love standing in it. He would basically pull his legs up to his ears to keep from putting his feet in the sand. He seemed ok with the ocean, he also did not want to stand in it. We hit a local waterpark for a day, which he absolutely loved. He also rode his first go kart. That was a partial success. He didn't like to be strapped in, but once he started moving, he liked it. Here are a few pictures.

Evan and Me at the Harbor Walk Village

Him walking around in the sand, I think he was getting a little tired.

A pirate ship that we did a "cruise" on. We got some great sunset shots from here.

Evan and me again. I had a small sunburn going on.

Then some beach shots of us....

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LOVE the beach family pictures! Fantastic!

And yes I'd say you got a bit too much sun. Wink lol

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Thankfully it was almost completely tanned the next morning. Even if I can't keep the tan long, I do tan easy to begin with.

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Looks like you had a fun trip! You have a beautiful family Smile

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It sounds like you had a really fun time! I love the family photos on the beach!

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AWESOME! I love that last photo especially Smile

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I agree with Leigh - that last photo is wonderful! Glad you had a good time on vacation!

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Thanks ladies!! The last one is one of my faves too.

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Awesome! Cute about him not liking the feeling of the sand on his feet. Kids are funny. LOVE your pictures! Makes me a bit jealous, but still! Smile

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love the pictures, you look fabulous!

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"janijanis" wrote:

love the pictures, you look fabulous!

:biglove: aw shucks! Thank you!

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Love the family beach pictures! Smile Looks like yall had a lot of fun Smile

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Fun! The last pic is my favorite too!

My DD was the exact same way with the sand the last time we went to the beach. I think she was 2 1/2 at the time. She loved the beach and swimming in the ocean, but she hated the sand and refused to walk in it! Kids are nuts Wink

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Looks like a great vacation! You all are too cute. You've made me yearn for the beach.