Bad Hospital Appointment :(

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Bad Hospital Appointment :(

Hannah, has been diganosed with Schistocytes, (think thats how its spelt) Basicly her blood cells are jagged and can clog up her spleen.
She has to have blood tests every six months, and one day she may have to have her spleen removed when she is about 4 or 5, We knew it has in my partners side of family. (it gets passed on from male to female then from female to male. ect) but we have also found out that some member of my family have had it. My partner, his mother and her farther have all had their spleen removed.
We are hoping that hannah wont have to have an op, as it has it got weaker everytime it gets passed on threw out the years.

We have another appointment at hospital in may. where they need to do a proper blood test taken out of a vein rather than her heel. im going to be so upset seeing her in pain Sad

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Oh no. How did you know something was wrong with her?

I hope she never has to have the op


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So sorry! It's no fun to learn our LO's have something wrong Sad

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"rubber_da_glove" wrote:

Oh no. How did you know something was wrong with her?

I hope she never has to have the op


It was always known that it run in family right from when i was pregnant, they said that her cord blood would be sent of to be checked for it, then she had another appointment about 1month and the one today when they told us she had it,

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oh no, I'm so sorry. You sure do have a lot on your plate right now. How are you holding up with everything?

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So sorry! Prayers...Hang in there.

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I'm sorry that she has this. Hopefully it won't affect her in the future and she won't need her spleen removed.

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Im sorry, but hopefully she will be okay and this wont affect her as much as your other family members.

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I'm sorry you had to get bad news like that, I certainly hope she can avoid the surgery in a few years. My son now 2 has a condition that is well managed but requires blood draws every 3 months of his young life. There are numbing creams available that are very effective that all doctor's offices should have on hand. There is Emla and another kind that I can't remember the name of but it works faster than Emla (I'll try remember). As an infant my son just used his paci and it was soothing enough but now that he is older and doesn't use them we tried the cream. Basically we kept him distracted with bubbles and he didn't even know he was getting poked.

I'm sorry though, seeing your baby being poked is so hard, especially if they have difficult veins that require multiple tries.

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:bigarmhug: so sorry! That's awful that she has to go through all that. Hopefully its weak enough not to require her spleen to be removed.

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I'm so sorry, Sian. If it does come down to removing her spleen, are there other lasting symptoms?

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Sad I'm sorry to hear this. I hope she doesn't need the op.

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I'm so sorry to hear this, I hope she wont have to have the op.

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I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope she will not need the op.

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I'm so sorry that you have to go through this. Hopefully everything will be okay and she won't need her spleen removed. Are there any other symptoms, or is she in any pain or anything?

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it will make her constantly enemic. if she dont have her spleen removed.

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So sorry to hear this. I guess the one bright side is that you knew it was possibility and were prepared for it, and she didn't have to go through a lot to find a diagnosis. KUP

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That is terrible! I'm so sorry! I certainly hope they don't need to remove her spleen. Sending a prayer up for your little one.

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