Bath/Water Toys

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Bath/Water Toys

What are your LOs favorite bath and water toys? Any wisdom from those BTDT moms?

I think DS really misses swimming and playing in his splash pool. I'm working on bleaching (ugh) out our super gross bathtub (yay for 60 year old base housing!) so that he can have baths in there. It's just way too hot most days to want to sit outside while he splashes around! We have rubber ducks and some plastic stacking cups that I still can't figure out their purpose since most of them might as well have no bottom for all the good they do.

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Lucas likes those plastic books that you can use in the water. he mostly uses them out of the water though lol. he also has this little dolphin thing on a stick that floats he likes eating it.

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I almost bought those stacking cups, Jackie! They are too cute. Teagan has a rubber ducky and this plastic piece of junk her Great Uncle sent us. It attaches to the wall with suction cups and has a little basket that holds a few little toys. We don't actually have a bath tub though. She just splashes around on the floor in the shower.

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My kids were big fans of anything that could hold water and be dumped. I bought a few toys for DS that were like buckets, but his favorite has always been a great big plastic cup from La Bamba's Burritos. It was also DD1's favorite bath toy (it's been around for quite a while). Clara doesn't really "play" much in the tub cause it seems like we are always rushing to get the 2 LO's bathed so she gets screwed out of tub play time.

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Yes cups! We have some with various sized holes in the bottom that he loves to play with and let the water drain out of. Also a little ball that we have is a big hit. Our bath stash also has funnels, eye/medicine dropper type things, a water spray bottle, and old cleaned out shampoo type bottles with various types of lids. Both boys use these things.

Seems like he bought a lot of real bath toys for DS1 that got kinda nasty quick and were not so fun. All the non-bath junk around the house has always been a bigger hit.

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Balls! Funnels! Cups! Good ideas and we already have those. Perfect since DS has a fascination with balls right now. I really hate anything that collects water and you can't dump it easily. Like half of the rubber duckies out there. Just makes mold that ends up squirting out. EW.

Erin, Aiden really loves those cups despite me not 'getting' them. It doesn't stay together well as a caterpillar, but he just takes it apart anyways. Two of them are really neat for water. The rest might as well not have a bottom since the water falls out in about 1 second flat, but he likes to hit them against the water to make splashes.

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Same here. Various cups. Some sports ducks. A ball. And a vtech boat that plays music.