Bathroom remodel pics

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Bathroom remodel pics

After much delay due only to laziness on my part :p, here are the pictures of my DH's hard work in the bathroom.


DURING: (DH had to jackhammer up part of the concrete foundation to get to the plumbing and fix it.)

And then pour concrete to refill the hole he'd created.

(I took this right after I got out of the shower, so the tile is wet)

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WOW!! That is a huge difference! Looks really nice!

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Wow it looks lovely! Much more modern. I really like the mirror.

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Much improved! Great job. Smile

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Looks great!

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It looks great

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It looks really nice! He did a great job!

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Very nice Smile

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wow, looks awesome he did a great job!

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Very nice! That was a lot of work!

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Great job! Love the tile!
We have a big reno next!
I love looking at house pictures!! Keep em coming and TFS!!!!!!!!

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That looks amazing Anna! What a difference!

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Love the new bathroom! Props to your DH for all his hard work.

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looks great!!!!!