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How are your LOs doing with baths? Lucas used to love them, and now all of a sudden he is terrified of taking a bath! He will scream and cry and stand up the whole time clinging to the side of the tub. I'm not really sure why the sudden fear of them now? Ever since he has been able to sit up on his own well, around 6 mo, I have just put him in the big tub with about 2" of water w/ a few toys and he loved it. And he still likes the pool just fine, it just the bathtub for some reason. Suggestions?

I've tried him w/ and w/o his sister in there, to see if having her there makes him feel better, and it doesn't matter. I tried getting in the tub w/ him tonight and it also didn't make a difference. My DD had this that we just put in the tub and she really liked it, but grew out of it when she was about a year. So I could try one (I'd have to buy another b/c it got a hole in it while in storage) but I don't image he would use it long, if he would even sit still in it at all w/o trying to stand up constantly. And I know some of you shower w/ your LOs, but how does that work? I can't imagine bringing Lucas in the shower w/ me. Do you just sit them on the floor? Don't they get water in their eyes, etc?

I just don't know. I'm hoping it's just a phase and he will grow out of it.

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My son has issues. He LIKES water hitting his face. We have an adjustable shower head. I used to put it on low so that it didn't get to Aiden. Now I don't bother because he thinks it's funny. This kid is always splashing himself in the face on purpose! This kid is also trying to dump water on his own head. :rolleyes: Have you tried getting in the tub with him (maybe when Lily is asleep sometime? lol)? Maybe he doesn't like the warmer temperature anymore?

I don't know how much use you'd get out of that duck. I have it and don't use it anymore (of course all I did with it was use it as a splash pool for a couple of months lol).

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That duck is what we use and have since she outgrew her newborn tub. Lyla Loves it!! Now that she's bigger she is all over the place standing up and trying to climb out, but it still works.

I tried to shower with her a time or two when she was little bitty, but she would get really slippery and hard to hold - and I'd have to have DH waiting with a towel to hand her off.

Our bathtub is avacado green and original to the house, I think, which was built in 1957. I'll post pictures of it when I get a chance, but it's really disgusting and Lyla will not be getting in it until she's old enough to stand for a shower.

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Poor guy. I have no idea what would cause the sudden fear of the tub. Maybe try to sink? The small space might be more comforting.

Shower wise we shower with him in arms or just put him on the floor. He is pretty into all the shampoo bottles in there and just hangs out. He is like Aiden and loves putting his face in the water and gets a kick of having water being poured on his head.

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I do remember Jacob going through this. All of a sudden he was totally afraid of the bath tub. I think we just worked him through it.

I do let Owen take showers with me too, he slips and slides all around though but he loves it and never has complained about the water splashing his face.

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Alexander always had a love/hate thing going on with the bath. I just used to clean him quickly when he was hating it. It used to last a couple of months then he would be back on loving it. Tobey has always loved it though

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I wonder if maybe he bumped his head or slipped or something and it scared him? Maybe try some new toys??

I too shower w/Delaney sometimes but don't pick her up w/soap on her, she's too darn wriggly. I just soap her up on the floor.

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I bet he'll get over it pretty soon. We don't have a tub so that's why we shower with Teagan. I bet she'd try to get out if we showered in a tub and she'd slip and fall a ton. The flat bottom of the shower and the non-slip floor makes it easy. She just sits there getting sprayed while she plays with her toys. Sometimes, she pulls up on the little little ledge that's in our shower and I'm just careful to spot her while she does it. I used to have to hand her off to DH after we showered but now she just chills in there while I towel off and then I grab her. Sometimes she crawls out before I get her and crawls all over the bathroom.

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I dont like bathtime.. Natalie enjoys it but for some reason she always tries to grab something and ends up with her face in the water.. I basically just have to get her in and out. I am looking for some type of chair to use with her so she cant bed forward.

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Ronin loves the shower. I have been using his baby bath in the shower (no bath tub) but also just sitting hime on the floor and he loves the shampoo bottles and stuff. He also tries to grab the water which is super cute.

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I agree that it's probably just a quick phase that you'll have to work through. If you haven't changed anything, then I bet it's just him gaining more awareness. We've been through 3 phases already. Like, dislike, and back to like. All in the same tub!