beach/swimming question

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beach/swimming question

we are going to the beach next weekend (weather permitting) and i was just wondering what you all put your LO's in when they go swimming? we have bathing suit bottoms for Lucas but that is it. I don't plan for him to be in the sun all day, we will have a little tent like thing for him.

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At the pool, Teagan wears her swim diaper under her cute little swim suit and her sun hat (no hair to protect her bean). I slather her up with sunscreen. I try to limit how much time she spends in the sun. Our local pool has a nice sun structure. We haven't been to the beach yet but I'd probably do something similar. We have a little pea pod baby tent (you'll see it when I post vacation pics) that provides some sun protection during naps. I should probably get a beach umbrella too.

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The kids wear little swimmers and then suits...Jonah would wear trunks...sometimes a t shirt...and I put hats, sunglasses, and SPF 50 on them...tear free and waterproof:0)

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I put Aiden in a reusable swim diaper, swim trunks, a SPF long sleeved shirt, and a SPF hat. I put sunscreen on just his face, hands, legs, and feet. When I walk to the base pool, we tend to stay there for almost 2 hours. So far, all good (we do reapply sunscreen after an hour).
Back in March, I found the shirt and hat at Target while I was in San Angelo.

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I have swimmers and rashies in every size up to size 2 for Ronin, all came with hats as well.

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the spf shirt is a good idea. i don't have one, i will have to look at wal mart maybe? i have never seen them before, but then again i havn't really looked for them:D

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We haven't gone yet, but it will be a swim diaper, swim suit, lots of sun block and a hat. Not only is the sun an issue, but keep the water temp in mind. With DD1, even if it was warm outside, if the water temp in the lake or pool was cool, my DD would get chilly in the water. Her lips turned blue-ish a couple of times and it freaked me out.

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We do little swimmers, trunks, SPF shirt and a hat. of course sunscreen on exposed skin, If I get to the pool right when it opens I can snag the chairs next to the shaded tree and park the stroller there. Hayden gets to be shaded and watch big brothers swim!!!

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Last year when DS was almost 2 we were at the beach for a week. He wore a floppy beach hat, a long sleeved SPF shirt, water shoes, and knee length swim trunks. I got the shirts at Walmart and Old Navy. My little boy is VERY fair skinned with thin red hair, so he's pretty easily burned by the sun, but he did really good as long as we applied sunscreen regularly. We also had a beach umbrella and some sand toys to try to keep him under the umbrella for a while. We tried to do naps around 2 when the sun is at it's worst that way he got out of it for a while.

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We also do the SPF long sleeved shirt, shorts, and hat. Sunscreen everywhere it needs to be. We got the shirt at Babies r us. They may have some online too.