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Been Very MIA

Just a quick pop in to say 'hi' to everyone. So sorry I've been MIA for a time now. Soooo busy I can't even think clear. Almost done getting my preschool open and licensed. DH, the kids, and I spend all weekend working on it in addition to our regular weekly jobs and DH working Saturdays at his job too. Exhausting. Overall we are doing well. I check in on my phone when I can but its nearly impossible to keep up or respond.

Here is an update:

Odin keeps us on our toes. He is the 'spirited' one of the bunch. That commercial they have for sour-patch-kids candy pretty much sums him up. I'm pretty sure he thinks he is an older kid most of the time and loves doing things with the preschool kids or his bigger brother. He finally goes down at night and nap without a fight or overly long snuggle session and it is such a relief. We aren't really potty training but he loves sitting on the potty during our preschool day to impress the older kids. Once they leave though he refuses to even acknowledge that he can acutally use the potty :roll: but I'll take the mornings at least. He is finally learning to be more gental with the baby and they are really staring to enjoy each other a lot.

Archer will be 7 months old in a little over a week. Wow, time flies. He is such a relaxed baby but will not for the life of him go to sleep without me at night. Literallly needs to be touching me and is a huge night nurser as well. Kinda takes a big toll on me as it leaves me with no down time and literally no time without a kid on me or in need of me. Not complaining but I'll happily take an hour or 2 at night kid free at some point in the future. I'm working on him using a crib a little at a time (like right now!). Start solids a few weeks ago and is a big fan. He is really good at rolling and is starting to get himself around on his belly and arms some. I'm really looking foward to his mobility and being able to keep up with his brothers.

Ryland is enjoying his 2 younger brothers between school, piano, and other activities. He was really into Karate (like 4 days a week) but we (aka:mommy) are taking a break until after Christmas for the sanity of our family. He is really helpful at times and then drives me insane at others. Ryland is the kid that is most like me so we tend to butt heads the most.

I still can't belive that I have 3 boys and that the 2 LO's are so close in age. DH and I were laughing the other night that even though it is so challenging right now with the kids, that we can't wait to see what awaits us with the 4th. That is a little ways off though. We are both pretty sure right now that we are totally crazy.

Just wanted to drop a quick update while I can. I miss chatting with everyone but I'm sure you all understand how busy things are. I can't wait for all these new babies to start arriving!

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I can only imagine how much work it is to get your new preschool up and running! Whew!
I cannot believe Archer is almost 7 months!!! Still seems like yesterday I was reading his birth story. Glad to hear he's doing fantastic.

Thanks for the update. I've been really wondering what's going on in your life these days. Smile

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Nice to see you! Wow, sounds like you are super busy, I am exhausted just reading about everything! I can't believe Archer is 7 months already. Glad your boys and your family are doing well.

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you sound sooo busy and he is getting so big!! I am glad things are going well with you.

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Wow! Thanks for the update! I hope weaning Archer off of needing to be ON you 24/7 goes smoothly and you get a bit of a respite soon. Sounds like you've got yourself some great kiddos, though Wink

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Wow, you are definitely busy!! Thanks for the update. Good luck with the daycare, it sounds like it is going great.