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    Default Best thing ever!!!

    So I was trying to paint the rest of my basement hall, and Natalie just woke up so I was trying to keep her entertained and in one spot. I noticed she will watch bits and peices of cartoons that ds does, like Yo Gabba Gabba and Blues Clues so I went a looking.. I foung my Baby Einstein for ages 6+...

    Seriously the best thing ever if you need to do something.. I put it on, and Bam!! Instantly zoned into the puppets and what nots on it.. I went and started painting again.. I was painting for at least 10-15 minutes without a noise so I decided to go check.. There she is still in the exact same spot, staring at the tv with her mouth wide open like she was in complete awwwww of it.. It made me laugh!!

    So if you are in need of a few minutes give it a try..
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    Oh yeah, I know it's a "bad mum" thing to do but if I need to get stuff done I always put the boys in front of the TV. I get a good 20 mins before one of them starts moaning
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    Hey!! Whatever you gotta do! I hear the whole tv = bad mom thing too, but I don't believe in it one bit! Sophie was in her highchair today in the kitchen w me and Barney came on the tv and she went uuber quiet and stared at it for the like a good 15-20min! I was like, AWESOME!!!! I was able to get so much stuff done w/o her screaming
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    I took Aiden to see the Tahiti IMAX film earlier this week. Most of it actually kept his attention! It gets a little boring in the middle (even to me lol), but once they got back to the surfing part he was amazed again! Aiden will watch anime with his daddy on Saturday mornings. DH says it's a lot more fun than playing 'fetch the baby.' lol.

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    The baby einstein dvds work here too. Ill occasionally let him watch sesame street or mickey mouse. Its usually when i am cooking breakfast that he needa distraction.

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    Teagan is amazed by the magic box. We don't have it on during the day but she's glued when she sees TVs when we're out and about. We took her to see Rango and she loooved it for about 20 minutes and then fell asleep.
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