BFing done??

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BFing done??

Hey ladies

I think Simon has self weaned, and I'm sad. He hasnt BF for the last 3 days and before that, he would only maybe once a day for like 30 seconds. He started making a face a few weeks ago while bfing. Maybe the colostrum, though I cant express anything yet.

For the past three days, he'll ask to, then just pinch my nipple, LOL, and say "good!" but doesnt attempt to BF at all. Sad I was hoping to tandem, even though my DH doesnt want me to. I just find it so sweet!!!!

Do you think he would start up again after the baby is born and I have mature milk in???

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awww, so bittersweet!

DD hasn't nursed in days either. I'm wondering if we are done as well?

He might start again when baby arrives, you never know!

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He may start again, Mona. I think it was Jackie who said Aiden stopped nursing for a week? and then started again. I'd be willing to bet that when the new baby arrives and he sees the baby nursing, he'll want to again. Even my DD, who hadn't nursed since she was 10 months old wanted to nurse again when DS was born. I even tried and she couldn't get a latch. She would just cup her mouth over my nipple and sit there like that, and then pull away and giggle.

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Aiden didn't nurse for 3 weeks!!! Then he started wanting it 1-2 times a week. Currently he nurses 5-6 days a week 1-2 times each of those days. Usually it's just a couple of minutes each side, but yesterday he wanted a full 15 minutes. Talking with other moms at my LLL group, there is no telling what these kiddos might do. Pretty much anything goes it seems like. Some wean and never look back, others pick it back up even after a month or two of no nursing, and others like Aiden go back and forth. Aiden's latch wasn't the best, but I can actually tell him to unlatch and open up his mouth bigger and he (rather surprisingly!) does it so we've been able to have a better latch consistently. All the intense pain I had in the 2nd tri is now gone (thankfully!!!). So he may be done, he may just be spacing out sessions way more, or he may pick it back up randomly. It's bittersweet. I thought for sure Aiden was done and was obviously bothered by it!

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Every child is different. Ds stopped 6 mos ago and never looked back. I had a friend who planned on tandem nursing but when her new milk came in her first child wanted nothing to do with it anymore. I understand how u are feeling though. I cried for like a day.. sure I was pregnant and hormonal but still. --hugs--

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You never know! If he's done then celebrate the two years you gave him. That is a HUGE accomplishment! If not then just go with the flow.

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I agree--that is a beautiful achievement and you can be proud either way! All kids really are different, though (and so are mamas)...I was all set to nurse long term, but when Addy up and quit at 13 months and never looked back, I was actually relieved when it came right down to it. He may pick back up again or he may not, but if you're feeling bummed about it, at least either way you do get to comfort yourself with a new sweet little nursling soon Smile

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Tobey stopped just before Christmas last year and never looked back. I was really sad. He didn't care at all. I was sure he'd be going on until he was nearly 2 because until the point he stopped he was boob mad but it was just the time he learned to walk and I was boring.

He might go back but he might not. You should be super proud of yourself for making it this long. And he might want to BF again when he sees baby doing it tooxx

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Aw Mona. I'm sure that it is a very hard thing for you, but you gave it your all for 2 years!! That's amazing. Plus, just think of the bonding one on one you'll have with your new LO if Simon isn't nursing also.

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Everyone else already said it, but you just never know. I thought Lainey had nursed her last when she was about 23 months and 1 week. Then, 3 weeks later the night before her birthday she asked to nurse, and I let her try. Then she asked once this week and again, I let her try. I don't expect it to keep up forever, but as long as she's asking I'll let her give it a try.

Congrats on 2 years! That is AMAZING!