Birthday Cake Pics

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Birthday Cake Pics

After spending all day yesterday and most of this morning working on it, I finally finished Rowan's cake. The head is gluten-free strawberry with strawberry cream cheese frosting, two of the body parts are double chocolate kahlua with chocolate kahlua frosting, two are white chocolate with vanilla frosting, the last one is a 7-up cake with lemon frosting, and the cupcake is Rowan's smash cake. It's all covered in marshmallow fondant. It took forever, but I'm pretty happy with it.

Her party starts in 4 hours, and the cake is all I have done. Just wanted to take a break and share it with you all Smile

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WOW! That turned out gorgeous! I love how the little letters spell out Rowan. And yuuummmmmo! I want some cake now, they all sound delicious!!! :hungry:

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That cake looks really good! You did an amazing job! I bet she is gonna love it Biggrin

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omg that looks AWESOME!

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Wow! What a great job! You're putting the rest of us to shame. lol. Wink
Hope the party goes great.

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Wow. That is amazing! I love it!

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That is one fantastic cake

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That cake is terrific, I love how cute it is and how the letters spell out her name! You did an amazing job!!! And the flavors sound delicious!

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SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Your cake is awesome! So cute! I love the way you did her name!

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The cake looks awesome!

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Her pictures do not do the cake justice. It was the mother of all awesome birthday cakes. Plus, it was delicious. Even Teagan thought so and she doesn't like sweets.

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Wow, that's amazing! You girls are just too talented here on our BB. You guys could all give Duff a run for his money Smile

I hope the party was a smash!

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Wow, that is really good!!

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Great job!

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Wow!! That cake looks amazing! Great job!!!

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wow! great job!!

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Wow, that is awesome! Great job!

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Gorgeous!! (and it sounds delish!!) You are incredibly creative! Smile

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Thanks ladies! I think it turned out pretty well. Everyone seemed to like it, except Rowan who ate maybe two crumbs from her smash cake before turning it upside down and insisting on getting out of her high chair. She didn't even make a mess.