Birthday Parties

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Birthday Parties

Anybody thinking about First Birthday parties lately? I hadn't thought about it really but then Teagan went and turned 9 months today and I got all sobby. I wouldn't want to get all crazy but now I'm thinking an actual party ... with like balloons ... might be fun. Maybe a BBQ with friends. I'm just concerned that it will still be too freaking hot come the end of September. It was still pretty darn hot that time last year as I was doing laps around the Birth Center :p.

I'm so not ready for my baby to turn 1.

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Happy 9 months Teagan! Man time is flying!

I think I'm going to do a halloween dress up party with craft stations. All of my preschool kids and clients have shared almost daily in Odin's first year so it will be fun to have a little celebration for them to have fun at. Odin will just be the guest of honor. Normally I wouldn't do all that but it kinda serves a dual purpose and I can also use it as a business write off. I think it would be lots of fun too.

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We are going to have a bbq or something, probably here at home, if not at a man made lake and gardens here. I'm deciding on what cake to make and we might have a few truck based things, although I found Thomas the tank Engine banners and tablecloths for $2 each the other day so I may get them and do trains.
I found a cute train mould the other day which makes small cupcakeish sized train and carraiges so am thinking of buying that and taking them to day care.

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They will be no real party. We will just go round the the grandparents (it's what we did/do for DS1) I'll make a cake but that's about it Smile

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ya we are doing a number 1 theme. just not sure yet if it will be immediate family or a huge get together. i am sooo not ready for it! i go back to work october 17th, but his birthday(the 8th) falls on saturday so we will be able to have it on that day.

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We're doing a double birthday party with another friend whose daughter is 6 days younger. All kinds of fun Halloween-themed stuff. We're even making them dresses that will be the same style in a different color

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I've been thinking about it for a while. I have a great-nephew turning 1 next month and being a little involved in that planning has got it on my mind. I've thought about what kind of cake I want to make. I haven't decided whether I want to do a smash cake or just give her a piece.

I thought the number 1 theme would be a great idea, but I haven't really decided on a theme.

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Anna I gave ds just a slice and it was no fun.. Go for a mini cake or maybe even a cupcake..

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I havent been thinking about the party, but more so of the fact that she is getting so big.. I still feel like she is little but the age doesnt match up.. You really forget how fast the time goes by when you are preparing or going through the struggles of getting back to normal.. This is why I cant decide whether or not I want a 4th.. I dont want one now but maybe in the future..

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I can't believe some of these kids are turning 9 months already!
All I know is that Aiden will have a cake. It's way too early for us to be planning anything. Gotta know if we'll be in moving then or not first. Wink

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I've been thinking of it, mainly because I am planning DD1's 4th birthday right now. We'll have our two families over. I made DD1 a smash cake, so now I get to use the little cake pan again.

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We don't worry about a smash cake, we just let bub shove their hand in the main cake and just cut around that part.