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Breastfeeding mommas past and present...

I am not one to be super into my looks but i think mine are looking ugly. I went outlet mall shopping today and there were good deals on bathing suits. Needless to say i didnt get one because i was disappointed with their appearance. The have already sagged slighly...are still veiny... and each one has a small stretch mark underneath.

Hows everyone elses looking? once u stop breastfeeding what happens to them? and um does the nipple size go back to normal?

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I have some stretch marks, they are a tad saggier, and super veiny. My stretch marks are already fading and I know the veininess will subside eventually. I'm really more concerned with my flabby mommy tummy than my boobs. Strangely enough I feel more confident in a bikini now than I did pre-pregnancy. It's like I have an excuse for my little pudge and that excuse is super cute.

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A bit saggier is about all. I'm sure when I completly stop it will be a different story though.

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My boobs after DD1 weaned remained the same size but....deflated, I guess you'd say. Saggy. Pregnancy in general causes these changes, and not necessarily BFing. If I remember correctly the veiny look decreased a little after weaning, but I have fair skin and tend to look veiny anyway.

TMI, but pre-nursing DD1 my nipples were pretty flat, and while post-weaning they did decrease in size after I didn't have a baby pulling on them all the time, they did not exactly go back to what they looked like before. This time around, DD2 gave me lots of trauma in the first 6 weeks, and I don't think they will ever look the same.

The prices we pay for our babes! Smile

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i stopped nursing around 6 months so i think it's safe to say mine will stay like this until the next pregnancy at least. they are around the same size as before, maybe slightly bigger but are a little saggy without a bra. thank goodness for La Senza making them look awesome still when i do have one on;)

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a bit saggier is an understatement. My boobs are a 32HH so there is a lot to sag Lol I can't even remember what they used to look like really but I know they are more veiny and a few stretch marks and they defiantly didn't sag so much. But hay..That's what good underwear is for!!

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They were saggier and the nipple size did go down some but only about 1/4. I actually like my boobs better while breastfeeding versus not.

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Stretch marks have faded. They're very floppy though. I don't care about the nipple size one bit. I know I'll never be my small B again, but I'd like to keep my delusions of being a C. (I'm a DD.) Lol

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Well, Stretch marks w/ the first 2...and they always stayed "FULL"...and pretty...
Now after BFing...they are! Im not in love w/ them at all!

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"rubber_da_glove" wrote:

But hay..That's what good underwear is for!!

HECK YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is ALL I wear!

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All I wear in underwire!! I used to be a 34C, then w DD1 I ended up a 36DD; then after that glory faded, I was a 34B. Sophie had me up to a 34DD, and now I'm pretty much back to a C or B I think... They used to be so perky, and now they are like sick little ski slopes Sad I hate them when they aren't in a bra Sad

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After DS1 they pretty much went right back to normal PP. This time they are starting to sag and I fear they will never again look like my PP boobs.

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speaking of boobs!! this was posted on another board i visit if anyone is interested:) it is for maternity or nursing

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I just looked at a picture of myself that was taken today and man my boobs are like way far apart. I think I need a better bra... Eeek!

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Mine are the same as they have always been, but I didn't breastfeed for long. 2 months with my first, 3 months with my second, and 5 months with my third.

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yep, a tad saggy...but i have small breasts to begin with, so not really noticeable yet.