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AF came back Sad

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I'm sorry, it seems to be an epidemic around here this week for her return. Hopefully she decides to stay away a little longer for me, though I did always say getting to my birthday AF free would be great because then it was a full 18months

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oh that b!tch:p

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She's a nasty witch. I hope you have a better party with her than I'm having. Wink

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"janijanis" wrote:

oh that b!tch:p

HAHAAH!!!!! DITTO!!!:bigarmhug:

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That stinks.. She must be going around, but she better stay away from me..

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That is so lame!! Sad That sucks awful!! I hope AF stays away from me for alittle while longer, but I think it's on it's way....

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Weird! There were three of us in a matter of days! AF found me yesterday.

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BOOOOOOO!! It's been a full 18 months for me as well! I'm really hoping for 2 years. With the rate that she's showing up on this board that now seems unlikely :(.

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BOOO! I'm enjoying my 3rd appearance of the witch, only got 6 months before she came back.

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I got her the begining of this month.

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Its like an epidemic!
I was just a day shy of 18 months.

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Boo is right!

I hope I don't join the epidemic around here. I demand 3 more AF free months!

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Joining the BOO club!!