The breastmilk stash comes to an end.

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The breastmilk stash comes to an end.

Sorry, but I'm proud of my accomplishments with both my daughters when it comes to nursing/pumping, and I just need to share with others who would understand and appreciate the feat!

I stopped pumping at work when DD2 was 10 months old. I had a great freezer stash this time around. (Pumping went well with DD1 and I did it until she was 10 months too, but it was nip and tuck for quantity. No extra to save!) Eleanor has been getting that frozen stuff at daycare for the past 7 weeks or so and now tomorrow is the last day of it.

So my proud stats are 1,300 ounces of frozen BM and I estimate I pumped and gave her 1,500 of fresh BM. 2,800 ounce is almost 22 gallons!

I'm still nursing her in the morning and at bedtime, and weekends. I'll be sad when that ends. But in the meantime, I'm going to be pleased with what I accomplished. Biggrin

Thanks for listening to me toot my own horn. Smile

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Jenny, that is amazing!!! You should toot your own horn, you deserve it. That is no easy accomplishment. Way to go, mommy, for sticking with it. I hope you get to nurse her as long as you expect to.

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Congrats! What an accomplishment! :mrgreen:

I pumped maybe 30oz total. Ever. lol. So major kudos to you for keeping that up for so long!

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That is awesome!! I wish I had your supply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wow!! That's amazing. Congrats, that's truly a great accomplishment!!

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That is a great accomplishment!

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Well done!!

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You rock, mama! Way to go! You should be very proud - toot away on that horn!! Smile

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Well done, it's an accomplishment to be proud of

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That is awesome! I'd be proud too! I don't think I've ever pumped out that much milk between both boys.

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Thanks ladies! :bwush:

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Well done! Glad to hear that you are still able to nurse her part of the time.

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That is INCREDIBLE!!!! Way to go!!!! Smile

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That is awesome! I am so impressed with your freezer stash, I always only had enough for the next day and had to supplement with formula the last couple months before my dd hit one year. Way to go!!!

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:woohoo: WTG!!! I'm so impressed and slightly jealous Smile I think maybe between both of my kiddos I had enough effort to pump about 50 ounces. I'm really impressed, it takes a lot of effort to get a stash like that!!!! Well done!!!

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That is awesome WTG Momma!! I really hope I get to breastfeed this time around...