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How do you moms of teenagers deal with bullying at school? My 14 year old sil is getting picked on, the kids at school are tugging on her jacket constantly. She's asked them to stop and their reply was " she isn't gonna do anything" and they keep on. Actually since her dad died, she says its worse. She also admitted to us today that one of the really mean kids lives next door.:( what would you do? I wanna tell the police officer at their school but I don't want it to get worse.

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That's rough and it really sucks. I wish I had some good solid advice for you but I don't. I was picked on pretty severely in elementary school, but we moved away so that ended that. DH was bullied when he was in junior high, but he managed to end that by physically standing up for himself and fighting the bully. You can't really do either of those things I guess.

I will say that school officials should be able to do something about it subtley. They shouldn't have to reveal that you 'tattled' and should be able to get it under control. But that's a lot of should's.

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It needs to be reported right away, before it gets out of hand. (I've seen it one too many times) You could even call and report it to the school, as her aunt. If the administration is any good they shouldn't need to disclose where the info. came from. All they have to say is a staff member saw something in the hall and reported it.....

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I agree with Laurene, you should report it. They administrators CAN definitely take care of it anonymously and if the problem were to get worse the school would know to look for that. As for the problem with the child next door to her, if it continues, speak to parents.

I know around here parents can get cease-and-desist orders, if it comes to that, which make the other child's parents legally responsible for stopping the issue or they will face criminal charges.

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I agree. You should report it. I know alot of teachers/schools are cracking down on bulleying so they should be doing something about it. I remember when I was about 16 and I dropped my little sisters off at school early so they could eat breakfast. I was watching them walk up to the line and then this little boy started to bully them. I got so pissed of I got out of my car and started telling the probably 7 year old off at the time. My mom said it was dumb of me because he was only 7 but I didnt care. At least it stopped him from doing it.

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i agree as well to tell the school. good luck!

my mom used to come in and tower over kids, and poke them, yelling at anyone who bullied me. The teachers told her to stop, but they never did anything about it themselves:rolleyes: that was back in the early 90's though.

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I completely agree w the pp's - Report it asap!!