Cake :)

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Cake :)

It didn't turn out quite how I was expecting. First I should have either used 2 lots of the cake mix or smaller tins (I wouldn't normally use a mix but I looked up how to make a white cake and it called for all sorts of things that I had never heard of)

Second, I bought some cutters to make the letters but they were crapper than crap so I had to make them by hand (and I was mad at the cutters, and it was late at night...) But still, it's just going to get eaten right!?

What the rainbow part looks like:

what it looks like now it's done:

I am going to be putting on my cake blog how I made it but not until Saturday because it's a surprise for the adults so no FB comments Smile

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looks awesome!! i love the rainbow:)

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That is awesome! I love it!

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That is so cute!! Great job!!!

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Cute cake. Great job!

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That's a super cute cake! Biggrin You did a great job.

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It looks really great! You did an awesome job with the letters. I would have given up once the cutters crapped out and just done a big T. Wink

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That looks really good!

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Yeah, if the cutter would've sucked that bad I'm afraid I would be with Erin and ended up with one big C and that's all Smile But, I'm a quitter like that. I think you did an awesome job!

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If you put some corn starch on the top before you cut it can make it easier.. I think you did a good job, I love the colors!

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Very nice! You did a fantastic job free-handing those letters!

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LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It looks great! I love the rainbow colors and I am so impressed with you cutting out all those letters by hand!

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I love the rainbow look!! I'm sooooo not creative like you are! The icing looks soooo yummy! Smile

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That's a fantastic cake! Please please please post pictures once you cut it so we can see how the rainbow goes through the inside.