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Thread: Check-In Time!

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    Default Check-In Time!

    Your name:
    LO's name(s), age(s):
    LO's Height:
    LO's Weight:
    Newest/cutest new thing:
    Favorite toy:
    Least favorite activity:
    Favorite food:

    About you:
    TTC,TOC,Prego, Done?:
    Holiday Plans:
    Something random:

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    Your name: Leigh
    LO's name(s), age(s): Adair Lucille, 27.5 months
    LO's Height: ~36.75"
    LO's Weight: ~30lbs
    Newest/cutest new thing: Talking A LOT...she's in another burst and every day she blows my mind again with a new word or complicated sentence. Or something hilariously insightful like when she spills something: "[shrug] It happens..."
    Favorite toy: Favorite to play with is probably her kitchen. Most loved is her teddy bear.
    Least favorite activity: Leaving fun places, like school
    Favorite food: Any fruit

    About you:
    TTC,TOC,Prego, Done?: PROBABLY done, but we'll decide next year
    Holiday Plans: Hosting Christmas at our house, then some kind of cheap, quiet getaway!
    Something random: ETA: good one, Kristi Adair will be a tiger for Halloween. ROAR!
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    DD Adair Lucille 7/6/10
    DD Faye Louise 10/19/13

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    Your name: Kristi
    LO's name(s), age(s): Claire (5), Alaina (Lainey) (2)
    LO's Height:
    LO's Weight: 22 lbs
    Newest/cutest new thing: She talks like a little adult. Super clear, complete complex sentences. She sings all the time.
    Favorite toy: Any animal
    Least favorite activity: NAPS.
    Favorite food: Goldfish crackers

    About you:
    TTC,TOC,Prego, Done?: Preggo. 22 weeks. But after this one we're done
    Holiday Plans: Nothing special so far, just spending time with family. Luckily they all live close, so not much traveling.
    Something random: Ummmmmm....Claire is going to be a unicorn for halloween, and Lainey will be a puppy.

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    Your name: Mel
    LO's name(s), age(s): Ethan - 3; Olivia - 22 months
    LO's Height: hmmm, in June Ethan was 37" and Olivia was 31"
    LO's Weight: guessing 33lbs for Ethan and 22lbs for Olivia
    Newest/cutest new thing: She was a menace this morning, having a hard time thinking of something cute! ;P okay, sleeping in a bed with her brother instead of the crib - she's just adorable with wanting to be with him all the time!
    Favorite toy: stuffed animals, blocks, trains, toy highchair and stroller for baby doll
    Least favorite activity: eating meals, putting clothes on
    Favorite food: chocolate cake

    About you:
    TTC,TOC,Prego, Done?: Preggo - 7 weeks or so, EDD June 9
    Holiday Plans: Halloween at the playground and zoo this weekend, Thanksgiving at our friends, Christmas Eve entertaining at our house and Christmas day just my sister at our house
    Something random: Can't wait to scrapbook with my friends tomorrow night!

    Ethan - June 21, 2009
    Olivia - December 5, 2010
    5w3d - October/November 2012

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    Your name: Molly
    LO's name(s), age(s): Madison (2)
    LO's Height: 35 inches
    LO's Weight: 25 lbs.
    Newest/cutest new thing: Pointing to stars outside in the mornings.
    Favorite toy: Baby doll, kitchen
    Least favorite activity: Getting up in the mornings
    Favorite food: Carrots/Goldfish

    About you:
    TTC,TOC,Prego, Done?: Still Done at this point.
    Holiday Plans: Camping for Halloween, Brothers for Turkey Day and then all over God's country for Christmas
    Something random: My hands are really dry today and "nail" cutter girl is off YAY
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    Your name: Stacy
    LO's name(s), age(s): Evan 23.5 months
    LO's Height: ~33ish in.
    LO's Weight: ~27 at 18 month check up
    Newest/cutest new thing: splashing extremely hard and putting face underwater for what seems like forever in the bathtub. He had me laughing so hard last night.
    Favorite toy: Any and all of his tractors
    Least favorite activity: getting his fingernails cut
    Favorite food: Cheese!!

    About you:
    TTC,TOC,Prego, Done?: Just started TTC
    Holiday Plans: Thanksgiving at my moms, weekend before at the inlaws. Christmas Eve at my moms, Christmas Day at the inlaws.
    Something random: Evan will be Captain America for Halloween.

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    Your name: Sarah
    LO's name(s), age(s):Tobey, will be 25 months in a few days
    LO's Height:34.5"
    LO's Weight:30lbs
    Newest/cutest new thing:talking lots and telling me how much he loves me
    Favorite toy:trains
    Least favorite activity:naps, sharing
    Favorite food: anything, apples right now

    About you:
    TTC,TOC,Prego, Done?:waiting but wanting
    Holiday Plans:Supposed to be going to lots of Halloween parties this weekend but the boys are ill so I can't see it happening Christmas with the 4 of us, then boxing day with my mum and family, although DH has got to work boxing day
    Something random:I've been on hold for customer services for our local super market for nearly an hour......
    Sarah & Gavin
    21st January 2008
    Alexander-8 Dec 2008
    Tobey-1st Oct 2010

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    Your name: Jackie
    LO's name(s), age(s): Aiden, 2 in a week!
    LO's Height: 32" when I measured last month
    LO's Weight: 27.5 lbs (according to DH who apparently has been weighing him at home lol)
    Newest/cutest new thing: My little cart climber has turned into a kid who will SIT in a cart without any gimmicks. Even better, he'll hold my hand when I ask him to when we're out of the house! As long as he's not overtired, no issues.
    Favorite toy: any toy car and plane! They all take zoom on the ground and fly through the air.
    Least favorite activity: Listening to mom whenever we're in the house. Ha. He's not a fan of his diaper being changed and him needing a new diaper results in me toddler chasing. *sigh*
    Favorite food: Honey nut cheerios! This kid loves the stuff and will eat at least two bowls at a time. Cereal is one of the few words he regularly uses.

    About you:
    TTC,TOC,Prego, Done?: Pregnant! 37.5 weeks!
    Holiday Plans: Stay at home. Ha.
    Something random: Aiden will be a skeleton for Halloween. I'll be wearing one of those pregnant skeleton shirts.
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    Your name: Justine
    LO's name(s), age(s): Nathaniel- turned 2 last weekend
    LO's Height: 33
    LO's Weight: 30
    Newest/cutest new thing: counting to ten... language over all
    Favorite toy: leapfrog leappad
    Least favorite activity: napping...
    Favorite food: peanut butter anything.. sandwhiches..crackers..

    About you:
    TTC,TOC,Prego, Done?: Preggo! 31 weeks on bed rest with another little man on the way
    Holiday Plans: depending on what happens with the pregnancy... family is coming into town for thanksgiving
    Something random: N will also be a skeleton!

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    Your name: janice
    LO's name(s), age(s): Lucas, 2
    LO's Height: no idea
    LO's Weight: my scale says 25 pounds
    Newest/cutest new thing: he is very affectionate right now and likes to sit with me and give hugs and kisses. He also takes his stuffed animals and rolls around on the floor kissing them. it's hilarious!
    Favorite toy: he likes cars
    Least favorite activity: waking up!
    Favorite food: cheese

    About you:
    TTC,TOC,Prego, Done?: 1st cycle of TTC
    Holiday Plans: Christmas will probably be here
    Something random: Lucas will be Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes, but we are supposed to get the end of the stupid hurricane for Halloween so I hope that doesn't ruin things.
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