This childproofing thing is getting challenging

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This childproofing thing is getting challenging

Lyla is now climbing the bar stools to get on the (very high) peninsula we have and she now opens the refrigerator and freezer. Our fridge has the freezer on bottom and she opens it to dig around in the ice (she LOVES ice). I find it hard to believe my kid is the only one this crafty, so what is your kid doing and how do you keep them out of the fridge?

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I think they sell fridge locks. Ours is too heavy for him to open the freezer drawer and the fridge part is too high.

Odin has taken up Lyla's dinning table and chair climbing this past week. Its been a loooonnnggg week!

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Ronij n just tries to go in the fridge behind me. I've just been doing the not now thing. He was pigging out on grapes when he got in there, so I make sure all the fruits he loves most are hidden then he doesn't get excited about anything in there

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Teagan tries to get into the fridge occasionally but I'm usually right on top of her to end it before something gets broken. Honestly, our house is just really well toddler proofed. Its easy when its just 800 sq feet and you don't own anything valuable. Smile She has been driving me nuts with running around the side of the house when we're outside. I can't wait for the stupid yard to be done and for the fence to go back up!

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i would try the fridge locks as well. or prepare for a lot of redirecting and screaming. Our fridge is too heavy for him to open, but we went through a period of a week where he kept pushing a chair to the microwave and climbing up to push the buttons.

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I think I have seen fridge latches before. Ours sounds like everyone else's it's heavy. Plus she's more into the can good cabinet than anything in there.

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ours is also too heavy for Olivia to open. Ethan on the other hand opens it all the time, but he's usually looking for food and listens if I say he needs to wait (most of the time at least). We do have a lock for the stove though.

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If we don't close the pantry all the way (DH is bad about this), Aiden will drag out the two step folding stool, unfold it, and climb on top of the kitchen island and stove. Thankfully DH isn't home enough to make this mistake often. Blum 3
DS regularly climbs on top of our kitchen table.....cause he NEEDS to drink hot coffee, check his email, dump all the cloth napkins out, etc. He used to try to climb other furniture (bookcases, etc), but he tried climbing my night stand drawers one day and the nightstand fell on him and he's too scared to try furniture anymore (all of our bigger pieces are anchored thankfully!).

There are fridge latches. My parents put an alarm on their fridge with my sister where when it's opened more than a few seconds a really loud annoying buzzer goes off. It used to scare my sister to where she stopped trying to open the fridge.
DS tries to open the fridge and freezer but hasn't been able to so far. The problem I have is when I do open the fridge, he sneaks in a hand so that it doesn't close all the way. Then he goes picking through. lol

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Our refrigerator/freezer doors are also too heavy for Evan to open. He likes to be right there with you when you open them. He also likes to open cabinet doors (they have several slide out shelves behind them) that contain bread/chips/his veggie squeezies, etc. He will open then get out snacks and want them. He loves pushing the dishwasher buttons, ugh!! And his favorite right now is climbing up on the recliner seat, then climbing the back of it and perching on top. It makes me a nervous wreck, our floor is tile right behind the chair.