chloe's birthday party pictures

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chloe's birthday party pictures
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I just saw them on facebook! Such a cutie pie! Looks like her party went great!

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So adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE! TFS!

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Looks like a great time! How did she do with being passed around?

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I noticed that you posted pictures. Looks like it was a lot of fun! Smile
(LOVE that one cake picture! lol)

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she did not like being passed around so thankfully the adults just left her alone lol. She did have a few pictures with her stink face, because well, people still talked to the princess and she was not having that.. she did not do the smash cake thing. She really just sat there and put one finger in it, so Trevor was there to assist her lol!

I have a video of the happy birthday thing but I didn't post it because it was a little embarrassing because you see me moving my SICK nephew out of the way so he wouldn't blow out her candle. He does this every party and it drives me crazy, well not so much him, more so his parents not stopping him from doing it. Birthday person blows out their own candle unless someone else says so otherwise, period.. lol sorry for the vent..

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I love her brother steeling the cake LOL. TFS!!

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I lol'ed at him stealing the cake too.

So cute, i love her outfit!

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Awwe, it looks like she had a great time at the party! I love all the pictures, especially her very helpful brother, that's so cute!!