The Christmas Dress story

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The Christmas Dress story

My mom decided that DD needed a Christmas dress. The red fleece one with snowflakes, that I bought her last summer off the discount rack, would not do. The green velvet one, that I got at the thrift store new with tags, would certainly not do. Forget about the pretty red velvet one that my friend lent me, even if it had probably never been worn.

Instead of arguing, I told mom fine, get her an 'appropriate' Christmas dress. My only criteriais that it had to have long sleeves. She got a dress with a black velvet top, dark pink skirt with a black toole covered in pink shinies.

Come Christmas eve, I pack the dress along with our other garments, incase we went to Mass. Since I could not get off early, Mass got moved to Christmas morning. Christmas morning, DD did not want to have anything to it. She grabed a Hello Kitty outfit she got that day, and insisted on puting it on.

After lunch, we compromised, She could keep the Hello Kitty leggins, but put on the dress. I ran down stairs to put the new clothing into the wash. When I come back up I heard:"oh oh, pipi partout!"
She has peed in her potty, and spilt it all over her dress. I took it off and put it in the basket to be washed. I put the red fleece dress on her.

A few days later, I put the Christmas dress into the wash, and discovered that a diaper had gone into the washer.
She has not worn it yet. Maybe for Easter?

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I hope your mother took it well. After all, that's life in every ordinary household I know!

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OH my. Sounds about right. lol

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LOL! If it makes you feel any better, I bought a dress for Livy that she REFUSED to wear at all. She likes dresses, at least sundresses and cotton and sweater ones. she hates this dress - cried and cried. So no dress for christmas this year. oh well!

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Too funny because we had a dress disfunction too.. I have this super cute white dress with awesome tule for the skirt and red stockings and she refused to wear it and cried and cried. So finally I just took it off, put a red and green tutu on her, white shirt and said you done.. She reminded me of ace ventura pet detective when he went to the hopsital and wore the tutu..

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Lol, sorry about the dress, but that is funny-sounds like something that would happen to us!

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Funny how kids change everything, in so many ways.

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That is too funny. Crazy kids!!