Clara- comparison pictures of her weight loss

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Clara- comparison pictures of her weight loss

Okay, remember how Clara was the fattest baby ever in the beginning (rivaled by Teagan of course) and then I had supply problems that I couldn't get fixed in time so we switched to formula because she was losing weight. I was going through pictures today to get sent in to have developed and I was just stunned at how different Clara looks in them in a matter of a 5 months, not really different but skinnier. Just thought I'd share.

December 2010 & May 2011

I wish I had taken pictures of her arms by her armpits when we finally figured out what was going on. You could actually see the skin wrinkling up on them from losing the weight. I was too upset to do it at the time, but now that she's my happy healthy baby I wish I had thought to do it. Oh well, hindsight's always 20/20 Smile

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Awww, poor girl. She lost so much baby fat during those months. I didn't realize she was such a cute little round chub at like 3 months! Looks like she also got really long in those 3 months. How is her weight gain going now? Has she chubbed up more since May?

Odin looks a lot like Clara build wise but has put on a little fat in the upper arm and thigh area since starting solids almost 3 months ago. There is actually a little indention where a roll may someday form. It used to make me sad seeing his ribs through his skin like that, but its starting to not be so noticeable. His cheecks are another story all together. I think he is part chipmunk. Anyway, I'm so glad she is doing better now and is happy & healthy!

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awww ya you can see her ribs:( has she gained it all back now?

Lucas had the wrinkled up arms when he was born.

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Wow, that is a noticeable difference. Now I want to see a current picture too!

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That is a pretty significant difference. I bet a bit of it has to do with run of the mill leaning out. Teagan was sooo chubby at 3 months & she weighed about 16 lbs. I had to dig through like 4 layers to get to the inner most crease in her neck. She's slimmed down tremendously now. She's only put on another 5.5 lbs in the past 7 months. She's slimming down faster than she's growing so she's got what looks like a little PP belly.

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Wow, there is such a difference... you can see her little ribs Sad Tho, she looks like she got really tall too!! You should post a pic of how she's doing now!! Biggrin

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Aww poor baby. I'm not even sure Tobey has ribs under all his flab!!

You should def post a recent pic!!!