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Hey ladies

Anyone finding their LOs constipated since starting solids? I had to help out DS today with his bm, once it got going it was huge! Poor little guy. He must have felt better after that.

I bought some apple/prune juice, as well as prunes but he doesnt love them so will only eat a little. I'm also stopping the rice cereal as I have a feeling that is causing the hard poops. I wish I could get him to BF more as I'm sure that would help but we're still struggling to get him to eat more that way. I try to give him a bit of water sometimes too but I guess he's just not that crazy about fluids.

Any other suggestions?

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I just used prunes, hom e mande prune juice (the water from when I stewed them) and pears. I would also massage his tummy and bicycle his legs. It does work itself out, Ronin had it going on for a couple of weeks and the longest he went without pooping was nearly 4 days, I considered burning that nappy rather than washing it.He has also gone from 2-3 poops a day to just one, which is a good thing because the new styles solids poops can be pretty gross.

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Constipation is one of the reasons we skipped rice cereal. I gave Teagan oatmeal and she didn't poop for two days. She's a multi-poop per day baby so that was a bug deal. If I give it to her with pears or yogurt she's fine.

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Sophie is all constipated too Sad We had originally skipped rice cereal but it seemed that the sweet potatoes we tried were making her really fussy so we stopped giving her those and tried the cereal and we had a happy baby again, but with no poop... so we tried butternut squash and pears and she loved both... but her bowel movements kept getting harder and she was in a lot of pain... yesterday she screamed bloody murder and finally had a pretty big poop (I cried I felt so bad for her) and then today she had a little poop that was on the hard side again, so DF gave her a suppository and she had an alright loose poop... I have been trying to give her prune juice but the last two times she has had it, about 5-10mins later she's beyond upset soooo I don't know if the prune juice is bothering so, I think I'm going to cut it out again and try either just water or apple juice... Babies can be so difficult to figure out! LOL... She was already a one poop every third day kinda baby, which still freaks me out, I don't need her bowels acting up even more!!

What fruit/veggies are best for pooping?! Anyone know??

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Here's a good page with foods to feed baby to treat/avoid constipation:

Some fruits to try:

* Prunes
* Papaya
* Apple
* Pears
* Figs
* Avocado
* Apricots
* Blueberries
* Cantaloupes
* Cherries
* Dates
* Grapes
* Peaches
* Plums

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we skipped cereal as well because i was afraid of constipation...

so far no issues here. his poop has firmed up a bit, but it is more pasty then hard.

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We haven't gone to solids yet but if your BFing I've found that taking a probiotic works really well for getting their poop going. Odin used to be a every 2-3 day guy but now goes daily as long as I take my probiotic. Might be something to try if your LO is still nursing some, maybe it will help the solids pass better like it does with BM.

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Yep. Tobey only pooped once a week when he was just BF. So he still only poops maybe every other day, often more but now it's REALLY hard. I don't give him cereal because I know it can bung him up but nothing will make it softer. I give him prunes every day but it's still hard and sometimes painful for him to pass. I think I'm going to start giving him fruit for his breakfast and see if that helps

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Fortunately, we haven't had issues with constipation here yet. We skipped the rice cereal though, despite the pediatrician basically insisting we MUST do rice cereal (because it's iron fortified :roll:). I hope it gets better fast.

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We had some constipation at first but it had evened out now. I just gave a little apple juice and that helped. Now I give her whatever and no issues. Smile