Could she have headaches?

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Could she have headaches?

I'm wondering if Lyla has headaches. They run in the family and my mom, me and my youngest sister all have chronic headaches with occasional migraines, but could they start this young?

She routinely grabs at the back of her head and tearfully says 'owie'. I've checked her head and there's no noticeable injury.

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I'm not really sure but to me that sounds like something to bring up with your doctor. I've never heard of a child this young getting headaches, and I doubt she would "fake" injured to that spot.

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I know it is possible for them to have headaches, they just can't really express to us when they have them or how severe they are. If it's not affecting her play I wouldn't worry too much really. I'd just make sure she's staying hydrated and cool. Maybe there's something that triggers them for her? As much as Aiden falls and bumps himself it wouldn't surprise me if Aiden gets headaches and just can't tell me yet. Nothing wrong with giving her pain reliever if it seems to really bother her. If it frequent or affecting her even after meds I'd have her be seen. Otherwise bring it up at her next appt.

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She's perfectly capable of having a headache. Jackie's point about it being something that's difficult for her to communicate is a good one. On the one hand you don't want her to be in pain but on the other hand you don't want to be dousing her in pain killers every time she complains because the cause of her complaints can be so variable. Perhaps try documenting her complaints to see if you can find some sort of pattern. Like Jackie said, people with headaches have triggers. If you can find her trigger perhaps you can better pinpoint when she's in need of pain killers or perhaps avoid the triggers and eliminate her discomfort.

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Totally possible but hard to express. DS1 had started expressing that he had them like at age 4 and even then it was hard for him to express the feeling other than it hurt (inside as opposed to being hit in the head or bumping his head). He still gets them and I've only medicated a few times when he is crying and they last a long time. Otherwise just water, rest, and a little protine. He has a stigmatism it turns out that causes the headaches, even more so when he is doing a lot of reading or focusing without glasses on. Anyway, I like Jakie's idea about seeing if you can find the triggers and like Erin said write down when she says it to see if its a pattern. Poor baby maybe getting headaches so young.

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All the PP had great ideas. My DS is almost 3 years old and has a very hard time expressing exactly what hurts. He will say his tummy hurts but can't express the difference between needing to poop and a true stomachache. It's tough!

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The documenting is a great idea for sure. Do her next muscles ever feel tight? Could it be that she's popping her neck or pulling muscles in her next? I don't even know if that is possible at this age though?