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Crap Crap Crap

So, Ronan re-broke his femur monday night. He was standing holding onto the ottoman playing with remotes and then he was on the ground screaming/ doing his pained scared face. Took him into the ER and sure enough it was broken. They put an IV in his head to start pain control, and braced it to wait overnight to put the spica on the next morning (tues)

We were sent up to Children's Hospital (attached to the hospital we were at) for the night.

So, yesterday morning the ortho comes in and says he can't get Ronan in until the afternoon, so we were to spend the day there with pain meds to keep Ronan comfortable.

Our view was pretty!

Ronan was pretty good throughout the day, but it was hard seeing him so uncomfortalbe and in pain. Remy was good distraction for him.

Finally at 5 they came to get him to the OR, put him under general anesthesia, and he was done 45 minutes later. The cast is ridiculously akward, different dr than the last one he had did it differently. This dr said he tried correcting the angulation of the bone in how it healed last time, so we'll see how that goes!

So, it'll probably be another 6 weeks in his cast- I'll keep you all updated on his progress!

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Oh NO! Poor little guy Sad I know you knew it was a matter of time, and I guess there's something to be said for getting it over with...but man. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. I really, REALLY hope for you that he was able to correct the angulation and it's a long time or never before you are here again.

How can anyone look so adorable and happy in a hospital bed, though?

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Oh no!! That's awful! Poor Ronan. I hate to see that. I feel so bad for him having to deal with this and it being an issue his whole life.

How on earth do you change his diaper in that getup? Yikes.

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Oh no! I'm so so sorry for him and for you. That just straight up sucks. He seems like such a strong little trooper though. I hope these next 6 weeks fly by!!

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Oh no! Poor little guy. I was hoping he'd get more of a break. Sad And what a cast to deal with! ((hugs))

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Awww, poor little guy. Horrible that he had to wait so long to get the cast put on. Man, that is some cast though. I'm with Anna on not even understanding how they expect you guys to diaper him with that configuration. Hope he isn't in pain anymore and that the next 6 weeks fly by.

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oh my goodness! poor little guy, i would be a wreck Sad how are you doing?

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Oh poor baby! I hope it heals correctly this time! He's such a trooper!!!

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Awww, poor little Ronan! How horrible for all of you, that is a lot to deal with. That is quite a cast - I would just be a total wreck.

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That looks so hot.
Poor kiddo.
I hope he heals fast and it never happens again.

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Poor kiddo, I really hope it heals correctly this time. And I am also wondering how on earth you change a diaper with that cast.

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Thanks everyone! Today went well- only gave pain meds once- and not till evening. We do the diaper by just tucking it into the hole they have created- and it luckily stays on. You can put a bigger diaper over the cast to keep it on but it doesn't seem necessary. He does get really warm in the spica casts, that sucks, but when we go out on walks we put ice packs behind him (to cool through the cast a bit). I really really appreciate all the thoughts- I'm doing okay so far (a glass or 2 of sangria has helped Wink ) and I have lots of help from DH in general, and my mom came up for a day since DH is working this evening, and my older sister will be up this weekend and will help since DH will be working. Plus I can spend any free time (non-existent pretty much) on here being distracted!

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Oh no Sad poor baby and poor mummy!! :bighug:

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oh no Sad Hope he heals up quickly.

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Aww. So sorry. Hope he heals quickly!