Crib bumpers

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Crib bumpers

Anyone use them still? I had taken them off when Luke kept sleeping w/ his face right up against them, but the last couple nights he's been getting his arms and legs stuck in the slats Sad poor thing. It actually doesn't seem to bother him too much, but I'm scared he will hurt himself trying to get unstuck. So I was thinking of putting them back in. He's not pulling up to standing yet, but he is crawling and will get into a sitting position by himself, so I'm sure it won't be long. And when he can pull up I'll just have to take them back off. Is there any other way to keep them from getting their arms and legs stuck? I don't remember if I had that problem w/ DD, I'm sure I did.

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ya we kinda had the same issue. he kept sticking his face into the one so we took just that side off, then he got his arms and legs stuck and would wake up. He also likes to throw his soother out of the crib, but i'm not sure how he does that one haha. we have this one so it's not a typical crib either.

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I haven't ever had any on her crib, but desperately need some right now. She is ALWAYS sticking her legs through the slats. Sometimes she'll have a leg in there and try to roll over. I'm worried she could really hurt herself. Anyone know where I can get just the bumper for cheap?

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I use bumper pads on Delaney's crib. She likes to snuggle into the corner and I use them just for the issue of her banging her head and sticking her arms through and getting stuck.

Check out this website....they have some cool products. The bumpers are breathable and keeps them from sticking their arms/legs through.

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We've got bumpers on our crib and always have. Sophie is only in there for naps as of right now. We had them off for a few days because I was washing everything and she managed to get her leg stuck in the crib slats and totally freaked out - which in turn completely freaked me out. I notice that she seems to like to wiggle her way up into a corner and stick/burry her face into them tho... not sure why.

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DH and I had a big discussion about this two months ago. We compromised and now the bumper is woven in and out of the slats (there's one corner where the bumper doesn't reach though). Aiden isn't moving around as much as he was. I'm debating pulling it out before he thinks about using it to grab and such.

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We never have or never will use the bumper pads. I'm too freaked out over SIDS to worry about using them. If Madison gets to where there is a problem with limbs, I might look into the mess ones.

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I've got breathable bumpers on Tobey's cot Smile

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We don't have bumpers. Never used them w/ DD. But I'm considering getting the breathable ones because DS does keep getting his legs & arms stuck & he freaks out! In addition to the fact that when he rolls onto his tummy he can't get off since he hasn't figured out rolling from tummy to back yet; Mom isn't getting much sleep here!