Daycare bummer..

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Daycare bummer..

Backstory: A year ago Aug. I changed jobs to a different city. DD's daycare use to be on my way to my old job so we were really worried we've have to change daycares. Well, the daycare she goes to is at a Baptist Church, the pastor & his family live a block away from us come to find out. They offered to take DD TO & FROM daycare everyday. Insert very happy parents here. This was such a blessing for us.

Now: They've put in an offer on a house closer to the church. Which means we're probably going to have to look for a new daycare. I know it'll take some time to sell./buy but I'm so bummed. I'm truly happy for them, because they've wanted this for quiet sometime. But this is also the place DD has known since 6 weeks old.

Has anyone had to change daycares? Any tips?

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Molly, that is a bummer. I have not had to experience changing daycares, but I'm sorry that you are having to deal with this.

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((hugs)) Like you said, major bummer! No advice. Sad

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I'm sorry, Molly! I don't have any personal advice either, but I hope you're able to figure out something that works well for everyone Sad

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Sad Awww, bummer. No advice, just best wishes that you find a new arrangement that works well for you!

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Total bummer. That is awesome that they were able to help you out for so long with taking her. No advice really. Look for some other great places and talk with her about the upcoming change.