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Decisions decisions ...

I think I've decided to TTC #2 next Fall (2012)! DH wants to sooner but he can't get pregnant so he has no say in the matter ;). We'll both be finished with classes and I'll take my oral exams next summer (big hurdle in PhD programs). That just leaves us both with a bunch of research to do and dissertations to write. We can so do that with another baby around (or so I tell myself). Teagan will be 2 when we start TTC, so AF will more than likely be back to normal. Plus, Teagan will have sole access to boob well past my 18 month BFing goal.

So, looks like I might have a summer 2013 baby!

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Sounds like a plan. My ds was almost 2 years old when I got prego with Natalie. It actually is alot easier than I thought but there are certain things I still wont do by myself..

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DH wanted to TTC for no.2 when DS1 was 8 months old :eek: but I wanted to wait at least a year..expecting it to take some time but first month "not preventing" and I got preggo Smile DS1 was 13 months old

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awesome!! that is what we are hoping for as well. well last time dh and i talked about it anyways. maybe we will be on the same board again haha.

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Sounds like a great plan!
We plan to this fall but I think AF is gonna have to find her way back first before that can be a reality even though I'm enjoying her extended vacation.

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Sounds like a good plan!

*****IF***** (that is a huge if) we go for #3, it would probably be next summer or fall to TTC as well. But I still go back and forth constantly. I think I just need to come to grips with the fact that this is probably my last baby...but it's hard!

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Sounds like a great plan! We want to go ahead and TTC #2 this fall, but so far nothing has ever worked out like I've planned, so who knows when #2 will actually come along.

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Sounds good! Hope it works out like that. Smile

We'll start TTC once DH is completely done with training. Whenever that may be. Lol.

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I think I want a third... I think... Blum 3 :Lol!! Your plan seems well thought out!! I say go for it!! Blum 3

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That is so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I want to start TTC #2 in September, but financially we may not be able to so plan b is start when Ronin is 18months old. Your plan sounds good.

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good for you! i can't plan anything past next week at this point in my life. Biggrin
i do hope we have just one more, but my body needs a break. i've been either pg or nursing for 5 years straight now!

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sounds like a plan. after having Glenns sisters around I'm not sure if I'll ever want anotherbaby again . Lol. but if we do have another I think I will wait until chloe is 5. good luck with your plans .