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differences dbl post

Thought I would post this here just to get more feedback

I thought I had a rough time symptom wise in my last pregnancy but it doesn't compare to this time around.. My m/s is still lingering..I'm still tired all the time. I have cramping and intense round ligament pain. My headaches are much more intense. My food aversions are also stronger.

Sorry to vent but I was just wondering what your experiences are with differences in pregnancies. What about any differences between genders if you have one of each?

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Well, with DS I was over any nausea I had by 12 weeks. This time it lingered off and on till 17 weeks (always on till 14-15 weeks).
No cramping either time. I had some round ligament pain with DS, but definitely have had it this time. Not bad, but more notable. Maybe this is a repeat pregnancy type thing?
With DS in the 2nd tri I had rare but fierce migraines. This time I have no migraines but frequent headaches (some livable, some have me putting on a movie for DS as I lay down for a couple of hours drinking caffeine with my tylenol). Midwife today said due to hormones (they are slowly getting less frequent) and probably not drinking enough water (am guilty of this).
No true food aversions as much as I just didn't want to eat anything until the nausea went away.

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Mine were both girls, and I had a similar experience. With DD1 I had slight nausea in the evenings, and sore boobs was my main symptom.
With DD2, I had all day nausea with food aversion, super tired, and lots of round ligament pain.
This time around the nausea is weird, it comes in super intense waves throughout the day, food aversion, more round ligament pain then ever before, and of course the exhaustion. I also seem to have some pregnancy blues, which I did have with DD1. I've been feeling weepy for no reason in the evening, and also really crabby.

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oh the pregnancy blues..forgot that too. have them this time but not last.

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My first pg was a lot easier symptom-wise than my 2nd. Even though I thought it was bad at the time! My morning sickness lasted a couple weeks longer and was way more intense the 2nd time around, and I know I had more issues w/ BH and round ligament pain w/ him. But I had a girl first and then a boy, so I don't think it's gender thing so much as a 2nd pregnancy thing.

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My pregnancies were complete opposites. With Lyla I has severe m/s for around 17 weeks and then as soon as that started to go away I started swelling. By 20 weeks I couldn't wear most of my shoes and my wedding ring wouldn't fit at all. I had chronic headaches and migraines and extreme acne. With Kole I had a brief period of very mild nausea, no real food aversions and I never swelled up. I was however, completely exhausted all. the. time. with Kole. It was ridiculous. When do you find out if you are having a boy or girl? Are you finding out?

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yes i will be finding out but not for a couple more weeks.

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hmmm, with the first pregnancy (boy) I had M/s until 16 weeks or so, not much cramping or pains until the end. With my second pregnancy (girl) I had M/S until 24 weeks or so!!!! I also had more ligament pains earlier on. I think that part is very normal with a second/third pregnancy. I had different food aversions with both pregnancies but they were weird ones - chicken & lettuce with DS and lettuce & Meatballs with DD.

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Mine have all been different but I can say for sure that the pain and pulling and all that fun stuff has gotten progressively worse with each pregnancy. The m/s seems to vary but not based on gender, DD1=bad m/s, DS=manageable, DD2=manageable, this LO=BAD m/s. It could be more a product of not being able to rest and eat when I should because of the increase in LO's running wild around here Smile

Don't be utterly shocked if you get BH's earlier and more frequently this go round either.