Disposable Using Mamas

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Disposable Using Mamas

What do you use at night?

Aiden was getting random blisters (tried for a few months to figure out if foods were causing it but nothing ever helped), so we've switched to disposables for at night. He leaks out of Huggies and 7th Generation at least 2/7 nights a week (usually more like 3 nights). REALLY tired of this. I wasn't have any leaks with cloth overnight expect for maybe once every 4-6 weeks. :banghead: I know he's in the right size (4s). Size 5 would be HUGE on him, so it's not a sizing issue.


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We use Huggies OverNites. She started leaking out of the regular diapers a long time ago, overnight, so I started buying the OverNites diapers. For us, Huggies OverNites are the only ones that work. I tried Pampers version of overnight diapers and they couldn't hold her output at all.

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i use target up and up brand and have used them all along. i had one leak accident about six months ago.

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I mostly cloth diaper, but do use disposables sometimes. for Overnight we use Huggies Overnights. You can also try Overnight pullups as those seem to hold pee from my 3 year old overnight. He's only PT during the day.

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we use the huggies overnights as well and i have never had an issue. i bought some pampers because they were on sale for him to wear any time and it has been leak city

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Ya know I feel kinda dumb because I didn't realize until a google search tonight that 7th Gen does have overnight diapers. :roll: Guess I'll order a pack of these online and try them out. DS used to get minor rashes when in regular huggies and pampers with diaper creams, and hasn't had any in 7th generation without ever using diaper cream. Silly kiddo.

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Regular pampers have always worked well for us. No help sorry!

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Yeah, definitely try the overnight ones. Huggies always worked better for my DD. I haven't had to use overnights for Lucas yet. I use Sam's brand diapers. But he just started occasionally waking up with leaks in those, so I might have to switch at night soon.

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We also use the Huggies Overnites. We don't have a problem very often at all.