DITL of Tobey

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DITL of Tobey

I know I'm a bit late with this but I kept forgetting to take the camera to bed with me :rolleyes: so I thought I'd use DS1's birthday to do Tobey's DITL as I'd have the camera with me most of the day anyway

So here we go...

5.45am..DS1 is awake so we are all awake

time to get dressed

go down stairs and have a drink

Breakfast time!!

Check out the kitchen-my favourite room because I'm not allowed in it on my own

Then mummy has breakfast and I find the cat!!

Bored of the cat now so I cry at mummy until she gives me some of her breakfast

Now it's time to check out my brothers new toys!!

Then I did a big poo

Off I go to play/break/loose some more of my brothers toys!

Then we had to go and get some food from the supermarket

while I was out I ate my lunch, then when we got back it was nappy changing time and time for a nap!!

I spelt for an hour then my brother woke me up for the 3rd day in a row but I cried a bit and went back to sleep for another hour.

But I don't like waking up and I'm often super grumpy after my nap

so I cried

And I cried some more

Daddy tried to fix it but I cried more (please ignore the mess in the kitchen..mummy was a bit busy to clean with daddy home-he makes a LOT of mess)

Even cuddles didn't work

So we went out to another supermarket and bought a few things

When we got home I was happy again playing in the forbidden kitchen

Then my brother made me laugh until I was nearly crying by crashing his new remote controlled car

Playing some more with my brother and his car

time for a snack!! (Please excuse the really close up cats face in the bottom of this picture, he wated to get in on the action :rolleyes:)

Then is was time to trash my brothers toys again

It's bum changing time (there were a few other nappy changes I missed somewhere...

I like taking my socks off for some reason

Then some fun time with mummy, yes I'm actually sitting still but mainly because I want the camera!!

Dinner time!! My favourite time of day!!

I eat it all and demand "NAAANAA" (banana)

After dinner I wonder round again, not really doing anything, just testing my new found walking skills

Yay!! Floor food!! (cheerios that I JUST threw onto the floor)

While mummy washes the dishes I help by doing this

then it's time to go upstairs and get naked!! Yay!!

My brother got in my way

Then mummy tried to get my brother ready for bed too but I wanted mummy!!

Wash and brush teeth time

Time to get ready for bed

And read a book

Night night!!!

And an extra pic of the back of his head because his hair is so nice Smile

Oh...and a pic of DS1's cake..because I know you'd like to see it! Took me 3 days to do with the boys round me all day!!!

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He is so cute, I love the picture where is is just walking over Alexander.

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I like how he spent half of his day more interested in his brother's toys. Lol

Good job on the cake! :mrgreen:

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He is so precious, I love that hair. Also love the naked pic of him walking over brother. We have trouble keeping socks on Evan's feet too. Although when we take them off, we make a game of it, so that may have something to do with it too.:)

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I lol'd at your cat getting in on the action Lol and i love the one where he is eating with the spoon. he is so cute

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I love the pic of him walking over his brother! Very cute cake too!

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Aww! I love your little ginger. He looks like he has so much personality. I still can't believe this is the same kid who had you worried about his mobility.

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Thanks for sharing. I love Tobey's cheeks and curly hair.