DITLO Charlotte Rosemary

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DITLO Charlotte Rosemary

(Sorry it took so long, the pictures sat on my mommy's dead camera for a while :eek:)

I'm up and it's a little after 7.30am. That can only mean one thing- diapey change time!

I get a bowl of oatmeal and a cuppa juice after my diaper change- yum!

Then we're ready to play for a while with my big brother.

He's kind of a goofy goober.

Then a bottle and a quick nap. I don't really like naps, so I tear all my sheets off of my crib. Mommy doesn't like when I do this 'cause I don't look very comfortable.

Another dipey change is in order when I get up. Brother helps this time.

Then we're off to the park with our Godmother, Trisha.

When we get home we play with daddy and watch Aaah! Real Monsters on Netflix. I have another bottle while we watch.

Then Mommy and I check pg.org and make funny faces for the camera.
Well, mommy was trying to check pg.org. I clicked something and it took me to the wrong site!

After a while we have to go for a walk. Mommy says we're going to look at a new apartment! Yay!

I'm kind of excited about it!

We're back from our walk and we ate some dinner. I had turkey noodle stuff. I had a bath and am all ready for bed. I fell and rug burned my nose a little though.

It's 7.30 pm now and I am off to bed Smile

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I cant believe how chubby she is now!!!! Amazing difference!!! She's sooooooo cute and really looks like your son! TFS!

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So adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!:0) TFS!!!!

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Look at her rolls! Adorable! Smile

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I think she's chunkier than Teagan now! Those rolls are too stinking cute! I find Teagan in the same weird positions in her crib. How do they sleep like that?!

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So cute! She totally looks so different.

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What a cutie pie!! Too precious!

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so cute. She looks so big!! TFS

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She's a cutie! Love the chubby cheeks.

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Omgosh, she is ridiculously cute!!!!! TFS!!! Smile I loooove her!!

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thanks girls!

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She is so cute - thanks for sharing Smile

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So cute! TFS!