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Good Morning! It's about 7:45, and I talk and laugh until Mommy comes to get me out of my crib. It's Sunday, so I get to spend the whole day with Mommy!

Diaper change first thing!

I head straight for this toy on the fridge. It's one of my favorites!

Mmmm, milk! Even though I can drink from a cup, I get mad if Mama puts my milk in one, so I still get it in a bottle.

My big sister wakes up, and takes over the TV. She makes me watch SpongeBob Squarepants.

I decide that I'd rather play with my blocks. The blocks are my #1 favorite toy right now!

Blocks make me happy Smile

Then Sissy & I play in my room for a little while.

Time for breakfast! Blueberries and bananas and cheerios. I love fruit!!

As soon as I'm done, I immediately go and steal my sissy's banana, since she doesn't seem to be eating it. Nom nom nom.

Time for a change! Mommy gives me her phone because it's the only sure way she knows to keep me still. I love playing with her phone!

I'm all dressed now. Let me out of here!

Well, Mama wouldn't let me out, so I guess I'll shoot some hoops.

Time for some facebooking and some emailing!

Climbing on the couch and crawling and bouncing around on it is so much fun!

Hi Mama!

It's 10 am and I'm sleepy! Time for my morning nap!

I sleep until about 11:45 am, which is a pretty typical nap for me. Now I want my Tigger!

That's better!

This time I get to pick what we watch!

Mama says she wouldn't mind it as much if I didn't keep trying to eat the remote.

Pocoyo! I love to dance to the opening music, you should see my moves!

My sister loves me, isn't she sweet?

Lunchtime! Grilled ham & cheese and peas & carrots.

I'm not hungry, so I'm going to throw it all on the floor! I find this very funny Blum 3

Mommy didn't think it was as funny as I did. I get another bottle while she gets to clean up my mess.

After lunch it's time for more playing. I like this toy because it has buttons I can push and it plays music and lights up.

I also really like to "cook" in Lily's kitchen.

We play together in her room a lot. She has lots of great toys!

Climbing into her bed and playing around on it is really fun!

Mama has to go to the grocery store, so she gets us ready to go. This is outside of our house.

We LOVE going to the store and riding in the car cart! Mommy thinks whoever invented the car cart is a genius! If you look behind us, that is the bank branch where Mommy works. Luckily it's Sunday so they are closed today!

Lily & I share a cookie. It's yummy! We love Publix, especially the bakery where they give us free cookies!

I had so much fun at the store. We always see lots of people Mommy knows and she stops to talk a lot, so it's almost 4:00 pm when we get home. I fall asleep in the car because I am so tired. Mommy lays me down in my crib as soon as we get home and I sleep until 6:30 pm. Lily takes a nap at this time too.

Dinnertime. It's pork stuffed w/ spinach and cheese and mushroom/green bean risotto.

I love it and eat almost every bite! I barely throw any on the floor this time. I guess I was pretty hungry since I didn't eat much of my lunch.

Sissy gets put in time out. I don't really understand what that means, but Mommy says I have to leave Sissy alone when she is there. I go check on her because I'm a little concerned.

She seems to be fine, so I think I'll play with my blocks again.

Check out my block tower! Haha, just kidding! Mommy built it, but I think this block will make the perfect top for it.

Lily is out of time out and wants to play blocks too. Her favorite thing to do it to dump the entire bucket of blocks on the floor.

Last bottle for today.

When Mama isn't paying attention I take a handful of Lily's yogurt. It is yummy!

Mommy didn't like that because she said I made a mess. But Lily was nice enough to share it with me and feed me some.

This means I'm getting sleepy.

First I get a bath, since I have yogurt all over me. Sissy & I love taking baths.

Brushing my teeth. I only have 4 teeth so far, but I think this is fun anyways.

Time for bed! Hey, wait a minute! What is that kitty doing in my crib?

I have to get my goodnight hug and kiss from Lily before I can go to sleep. It's been a great day! Goodnight!

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love it! he is so cute! Lily looks like she enjoys having him to play with.

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That's a great DITLO! TFS! Biggrin

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He's getting so BIG! And he's getting hair now! I'm surprised he still likes his sleep sack. Especially with how active he is. Such a cutie. TFS!

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Both of them are so precious. He looks so big. I'm glad it's not just us that has one that likes to throw all the food in the floor.

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I have a sleep sack and Madison will not use it. Bummer! Lily looks so serious in that cart driving haha. Those two def look like their Momma too!

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Aww, that's lovely Smile He looks so grown up now he's got a bit of hair!!

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Holy cow, he's such a big boy!! Clara can't do half of what he's doing. He is getting so flipping handsome!!!! Does Tangled play a lot in your household too Wink

TFS your DITLO Lucas, it's fantastic!!!

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He isgeorgeous. I love the photo of Lily hugging him on the couch, he looks like he wants to escape.

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TFS! Both of your kids are so cute!

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What a great day! He looks so big, not even like a baby at all but a big boy. You have gorgeous kiddos!

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TFS! Your kids look so much like you! Adorable!!

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oh my he looks so grown up! i love how they play together

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Looks like a great day! Your kiddos are so cute, and they look so much alike!

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Adorable :0) Loved all the pictures!!!

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Looks like a great day! Your kids are both so cute and it looks like they get along really great!