DITLO: My little princess, Emma!

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DITLO: My little princess, Emma!

Mama has been up since like 5 in the morning but I think she is out of her mind! She says she gets up that early so she can exercise and get started on housework. Whatever Mama! I snooze until about this time...

Usually I like to play in my crib for 20 minutes to maybe even 90 minutes! But Mama is coming in early for some reason...with that damn camera again...

I always give Mama smiles after I wake up

Time to get the stink out, Mama says. I don't know what she is talking about, I never stink.

Breakfast of champions

DADDY! My most favoritest person in the entire world! Hurry and get me to my high chair, I have some eating to do.

I never stop talking.

That was the best oatmeal in the world. Although I have to admit, I don't have much to compare it with...

This is what Mama did before I woke up...

Mama says EVERY TIME she warms or makes coffee, I wake up. I can't help it! I figure she must be making coffee because she is tired and needs something to keep her up and I'm GREAT at that!

Oh, Mama has to take Sophie out too. I don't know why she doesn't just use diapers like me.

This picture better never go on the internet. Mama...MAMA! Are you listening!?

No, I will not smile. I will give my bulldog face.

I like to be soft and smooth. Except that odd rash that comes and goes on my face. How crappy is that?

All dressed! I'm ready to rock!

Playtime is my something I excel at. Mama calls this the hippo sanctuary. My brothers call it jail. I call it heaven. No boys allowed.

Mama does her school work while I play.

I like to read books too. Well, I'll be honest. Read/eat. More accurate.

Mama likes to switch my activities up so I'm in my exersaucer which I like to bounce so hard in that Mama cannot raise it at all because I make it come crashing right back down. Haha! This is Buzz. I love this bee. I massage him with my gums quite often.

What?! It wasn't me!!! How come when it stinks it's automatically the baby!?


Okay, it was me. But only this one time.

I flirt with Mama while she does her homework. She has trouble resisting me.

And who can blame her, I've got some seriously cute legs.

And onto floor time. It's an activity cycle. This toy I'm eating is my absolute FAVORITE toy EVER. It's called Tutu Bear Ring. (it's just a link to her toy, go figure!) Hey Mama, buzz off, this is my time to shine!

Where's my milkies? Mama...I'm coming for you and I'm ticked! Where's the bottle?!?

Ahhhh Smile

I love to hold Mama's hand while I have my milkies. She loves it too.

Time to play some more!

Daddy!!!!!! He woke up to tell Mama that she has to drive all over town to get my brother registered for school. We got the district transfer acceptance letter today AND the deadline is today to register. So nice that they sent it to the wrong address first so that we got it so late. Mama is elated, as you can imagine. Hmm...that doesn't bode well for me...

I knew it! Mimis time while Mama runs all over town.

Aaaand we're back!

Hi Mama! I'm just playing. Why are you in here so fast? And in such a hurry?

I love you Mama!

Mama says we have to change my diaper and hurry and drive across town (again for Mama) to turn in the final paperwork and then RUSH back to get to the bus stop in time to pick up my brother. Oh boy...calling all police officers, I feel someone will be speeding, *ahem*

I'm ready! I will just chew on my carseat since I didn't have a snack before we left. Thanks Mama.

We made it!

Mama put me in my heaven while she waits at the bus stop. Oh how nice, the bus is LATE. Glad Mama flew on the wings of an angel to get here on time...

There it is!

Okay, now back to ME. It's lunch time!

I am so pumped for this. I hope it's enough food for my tummy.

Oh, while I was eating, my brother was running in the house (big shocker) and slammed into the wall. Mama thinks he knocked himself out for a minute because he didn't respond to her. Silly brother. He's fine. Mama gave him some ice so he'd think he was helping himself and would stop crying.

That was some good food!

(Um, is she flipping me off? That's the thanks I get, haha)

Someone stinks again. It's SO NOT ME.

No, Zack, get me off this thing, it wasn't me this time! Check your pants, maybe you did it.

No, Mama, don't hold me down, check Zack's pants!

Oh. It was me.

Ah, heaven

I'm a happy girl!

Mama, get over here

I love my Mama

Sophie the Giraffe is the shiznit.

And this blankey that my grandma made me is pretty awesome too! My brother loves his taggie blankets and so do I!

Mimis time, I tired.

Wow, quick nap! I'm ready!

I'm playing darnit, why do you keep coming in so quickly?!! I'm starting to hate that camera.

I'm gonna take it and eat it!

I love to play with my brother!

And use the computer with Mama. Right now, we are choosing a necklace for her.

Damn camera flash!

I should write some emails too...

I'm looking for you Mama!

I am a little cranky which I never am. Mama gave me a bottle. This is the first time I have held it on my own!

I only drank an ounce or so. I will just play instead.

Oh look who else is home, my other brother, Reese.

Dinner time!

Ohhhh lookie lookie what's on the menu tonight Smile

Tired. Full.

I like to look out the window sometimes when the sun is coming down.

Then it's play time with my brothers! Daddy works nights so he slept all day and is gone already.

I'm gonna get you, Mama!!!

I like to tell stories.

What was that?

Oh, it's my crazy brother! In..his..dress socks :rolleyes: I had no idea you could drive a puzzle! But apparently you can cuz he just did.

Reese likes to tell stories too.

I wanna play puzzle with you, Reese!

And that attracts Zack...

Mama says I stink. Again. I'm going to get a complex.

This is what I think of Mama's manicures.

During my manicure, Mama notices that I may have a tooth coming in! No wonder I have been a little crankster today! Time for my bottle before bed.

And a little of the good stuff to help me feel better

Mama didn't want to take a picture of me during our mimis routine so here's my crib, all ready for me!

I usually go mimis between 7pm-7:30pm but tonight, I just couldn't hack it that long. Goodnight everyone! I hope you enjoyed my day!

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How very cute, I love her play area.

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Okay. I'm just gonna start by saying how totally, unbelievably jealous I am that your child (and anyone else's) sleeps from 7:30pm to 7:30am!! Insane!! The things I could do with that kind of time!!

That said, Emma is such a cute, sweetie pie!! I just love her and all her cuddly sweetness! What a great day!

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I love her little funny face she gave you!! She has an awesome play area! I want one for Natalie now..

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So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also...You are so pretty and tiny!!! I saw you have more weight to loose?! You look smokin' right now lady!!!:0)
I love all the pics!!!!!!! TFS~ I still haven't done Josie's...this DITL will put mine to shame...hahah!

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Okay, you have the cleanest house in the world. Are you sure you have 3 children living there? How do you do that? Can we say supermom!?!

Emma is too cute and I love your commentary! TFS!

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Absolutely awesome day!!! You seriously do it all Smile Feel free to come to my house and do some my cleaning too Blum 3 Emma is beyond cute! I love the pic of her holding her bottle AND her foot!! LOL ADORABLE! And ya, where the hell are you going to find another 31lbs on you to lose?!?!?!?

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We have that same play yard thing. Its for our pet chinchilla but now you are giving me ideas. Busy day! Emma is such a happy looking girl and so cute!

OMG Zack and Reese have gotten so big :eek: especially Zack! I guess it shouldn't suprise me since he and Ryland are the same age but I just keep picturing him in your old siggy pics so he is like frozen in time at age 2 in my head.

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that's a great day. You do so much!!!! I love her chunky legs!

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Looks like it was a busy, but good day. I, too, love that picture of her with the bottle holding her foot. Adorable! TFS!

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She is adorable.....she looks so cute w/her ears peirced too Smile

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she is adorable! and you look FABULOUS!!!!

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so cute! TFS! Emma is a cutie pie.

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Thank you everyone! I'm a total clean freak so that's why my house looks decent most of the time. And trust me, I totally have 31 more pounds to lose! I don't fit into any of my pre-preg clothes, not even CLOSE! It's depressing but I'm working my tail off to get back into them by Emma's first birthday.

And Joy, I know what you mean. You posted a picture of Ryland and I was still picturing the little guy with the cool hair that you had in your siggy Wink They grow so quickly!

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I love her play area, that is awsome! She is super cute!

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What a cutie pie. I love the bath time picture and those legs. They are so precious. Agree with PP, you look great!!

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What a cutie! I like your commentary.

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Your comments were making me crack up!! I LOVE that play area idea, just told the DH about it. Where did you get the gate and floor tiles?

PS- cute carseat, Madison has a matching one Smile

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