DITLO (pic heavy and xp)

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DITLO (pic heavy and xp)

So this is an out of the ordinary day, Ronin's first trip to the zoo. Lots of the pics are just the zoo, but hubby didn't understand why I wanted to photograph everything so I missed a lot
Good morning, welocme to my day. I'm grumpy today because we had a late drive last night and I refused to sleep. We stayed at mt Mormpor's house and lot's of people were there so I entertain them with my monkey.

Then Mummy got me dressed, Daddy finally dragged himself from bed and we went to the zoo. I had a good view of the birds. Mummy made me cry in here because a kookaburra flew so close to her she screamed (free flight aviary) and it made me cry. Thankfully she didn;'t take pictures of that because that would have been embarrassing.

We went to see the koalas, Mummy made sure to get a picture of one being active for you to see, most of them were asleep.

We went to the reptile house and Mummy and I looked at snakes and lizards and turtles.

Then we went to the crocodiles, I wanted to go and play in here because the crocodile yelled at me (growled) but Mummy said no.

Then we got to go play with the kangaroos and feed them.

Cann you see the joey in the kangaroos pouch, I asked Mummy if I could eat my food hanging off her like that and she said no. She is so mean

I hitched a ride on Daddy's shoulders

And he took me for a tractor drive

Mummy and I being silly in animal pictures

After the zoo we drove back into town and I slept the whole way. Mummy, Daddy and I went for lunch where we had Korean food.

We did a few other things and saw my Grandad but nothing iteresting so Mummy didn't take photos. I slept all the way home as well.
When we got home (an hour and a half later) Mummy gave me some dinner

Then let me play with toys before bed time

Thanks for looking at my extra special day, and yes Mummy realises that Daddy doesn't seem to know how to use the zoom.

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Looks like a really fun day at the zoo! My favorite picture is the one with both of you peeking out of the kangaroo picture! TFS!

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very cute! looks like he had a busy day:) how did he like the korean food?

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I got a non spicy meal called jabche (I know thats spelt wrong) so he could share with me and he really seemd to like it.

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I love the pic of you and him in the head thing at the zoo.. I dont know what that is called but I think it is hillarious!

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Aww, that's great. I love your zoo pics!!

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Wow, your zoo lets you a lot closer to the animals than the zoo's I have been at. At our zoo's the only thing you can pet are usually just goats. That looks like Fun! He is getting so big! I like his necklace Smile

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Great pics, thanks for sharing!

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Those are great. I like the one of you two looking out of the kangaroo also. I've also never been to a zoo where you could get that close to the animals, pretty neat.

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He is adorable - especially in his little hat.

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What a fun day!!! Love those pictures!

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What a great zoo! Smile I love the pictures of y'all in the head cut outs w/ animal bodies. Lol


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Awesome pics!! Loooooove the one of him in the Gator cut-out - LOL Smile Tooo cute!!