DITLO signup again..UPDATED pg 1.

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DITLO signup again..UPDATED pg 1.

If you would like to go or didnt get a chance to go from the last list please sign up. I cant remember who was on the list that didnt go yet so just sign up again anyways and let me know..

I know that Erin and Wendy are doing the DITLO thread on September board so you dont have to go again or I can put you at the end. Wendy if you want to just post over here when you are finished we would love to see it..

I would like the people who never did one from last round to go first in this round also, so after everyone signs up I will organize the list in that order.. ..

Also we dont have to go every week. If you guys want to take more time no big deal, or if someone has time to do it, just post ahead of your slot.!

Okay here is the list so far.. If want you can just go after the person if front of you is done, and if you are having a hard time getting it done, you can pass to the next person or pass and then post when you are finished.. Melanie I put your 4th just so I know you would be in October..If you guys need me to update anything left me know..

Wendy-(The one your doing for September next week)
Janice -(Needs to go before she has to go back to work)

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I'm in, I will share mine from September, but if you want an extra dose of Ronin you can put me at the end of the list, should be a few months away then. By then I'm sure a lot of the photos could just be blurs as he runs past me to get into trouble.

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Aw, you twist my arm. Add me to the end please. I love being 'forced' to do these. They're so great to look back on. I'm still working on making my first DITLO into a picture book.

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I'll do it again! :mrgreen:


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I'll go again Smile

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Me! I never did one last time.

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Melanie, I know you didnt do yours from last time too right?

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I'll go. but if mine is after I go back to work I'll have to do it on a weekend.

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I'll do it again!

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I would like to do it, can I request that I go sometime after September?

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I'd like to do one again too! Smile

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I will do it...I would like to go in late Oct/nov...lol...after the kid's party