Do you baby sign?

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Do you baby sign?

Since T isn't super verbal we communicate a lot with signs. I know a few and I have access to her baby sign teacher at school if I needed to learn a particular one. If you sign, what signs do you find most useful?

So far, T knows water, eat, all done, more, milk (boob), please, thank you, and apple.

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Aiden uses regularly milk (cows milk, he has decided that he will no longer use it for nursing lol), food, more, water, all done, yummy (okay, so we made this up lol), book, and sleep. He knows mom, dad, and cat but won't use them much. He'll also only use his sleep sign to me, not DH.

Really wish the kid would say something more than "na" (no) and "mamamamamamamamama." lol

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We use very few. More, all done, and help. He started saying all the words at the same time he started signing them (except help, doesn't say that) so they aren't the most useful. DS1 was the same way and finally started signing after nearly 2 years at the same time he started saying the words. :roll: I have some odd kids. After the frustration with DS1 I didn't bother teaching Odin very many signs since he is more verbal.

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Ronin will only use milk. I have flash cards of baby signs and an app on my tablet (so I can watch to make sure I am doing them right) but he won't take any others on.

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We do some. DD1 really took to it and she knew tons of signs. Lainey has picked up some but doesn't like them the way DD1 did/does (she still randomly signs things). Lainey knows more, food, drink, milk, apple, cracker, please, sorry, thank you, bath, sleep, and book (as well as some I'm probably forgetting). She's so verbal now though she doesn't use them very often.

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Yes, but we don't use them very often as he's very verbal. But we use:

Thank you

For about a year DS1 only communicated with signs so I know loads lol