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Submitted my exam a few hours ago!!! Consumed a bottle of wine. Now I just need to wait a week or two to get my results. Then I can schedule the oral portion. I PROMISE I'll be around this week. I have no intention of being productive. Do me a favor and fill me in ... I'm entirely too drunk and out of the loop to catch up. Smile

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Welcome back! I just sent you a party planning google doc. That's all you've missed from me. Everyone else has better updates to share.

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Welcome back. No big updates here, I made sure there would be no pregnancy annoucement from me while you were away Smile

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Ummm....we've just been a sick house over here. Little over a week ago my kid turned snot nosed with a cough and kept a fever Monday-Thursday (nothing high). My husband spent a couple of those days feeling completely awful with an elevated temp, but he had to still work since it was a no fly week. I felt fine until Friday morning. Spent the weekend in bed and left Aiden and the house and food up to my husband. I watched enough Friends on DVD to have finally picked up on the fact that Ross's kid Ben was in CDs at one point because Rachael changes his diaper in one episode of the 2nd season and there's no way that thing was a disposable! Lol

Glad you're back!!!

ETA: I haven't left my house in 8 days.

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No big updates (other than the fact that Adair is super happy that T and Mick are joining her class!) But I just wanted to say :jumpingbeans:

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Nothing big happening here either. Congratulations on being done, I know you are excited about that. WooHoo!!

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Yay for being done! Awesome. I bet that's a load off! Did you see that Rebecca (Cherrychip) is preggo?

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Woohoo! Welcome back!

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I have been MIA from the boards for over a week due to feeling crappy, but wanted to say a belated congrats on finishing!