done with breastfeeding

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done with breastfeeding

So I'm a tiny but relieved bit relieved but sad at how it happened. He was down to only night nursing maybe once or twice. About a week ago he had his session and within 30 minutes started projectile vommitting. He caught some sort of bug and couldn't keep anything down for like a day and a half. Then he asked to nurse after it passed but then he cut FOUR teeth. He was in tons of pain so he didn't stay nursing. The rest of the week he hasn't asked. It makes me sad because I didn't want him to associate nursing with pain and throwing up. Sad at least we made it to 18 months...

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That is a rough way to end it, but congratulations on nursing for 18 months!

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Awww, that is a rough way to end.
WTG on 18 months of BF! That is awesome!

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Sorry you are done, but 18 months is awesome, you should be proud.

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18 months is awesome and I totally get being a bit relieved. It stinks it ended the way it did but don't think for one second that he associates nursing with pain & vomiting. It was just his time to stop. Congrats!

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Yes it is bittersweet stopping nursing. You did great to nurse for 18 months, that is awesome!

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18 months is awesome!!! YAY!!!!! I know how you feel though. Ever since I got pg it seems the my milk supply has massively dwindled and Simon now sort of has a love /hate relationship with nursing...and I do too. It makes me sad to think he'll stop soon, but my nipples are so sensitive that I would also be relieved.