Dropping a bottle feed?

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Dropping a bottle feed?

DD takes two bottles at daycare .... sort of. She's never been fond of them but she now tolerates 2 bottles of around 2 oz each. I know, it's like why even bother, right? I plan to stop pumping after her birthday so I'm beginning the phase out now. Dropping the pumping session won't affect me at all. My boobs will regulate in a day or two. I could even drop it all together tomorrow and I'll be fine. I'm just not sure what to do about her bottles. For you FF mamas, and other working mamas, how do you cut out a bottle? Do you just cut it out or do you bump up the amount in the other bottles? So, do I just send one 2 oz bottle or do I send one 4 oz bottle? I'm going to replace one of them with water in a sippy and I don't think I'm going to start sending cow's milk. I plan to cut one bottle out at the end of this month and then the other after her birthday.

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I'm not a FF mom, but if she already will take water in a sippy, why not just try replacing one of the bottles with that? But send another bottle just incase she freaks or something. That's what I would do. Simon is crappy at taking bottles as well, but drinks pretty good from straw type sippys.

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Yes, I'd still send 2 and just ask them to offer water first if they don't mind, then they'll have that extra one JIC. Hopefully if they do that a few times she will warm up to the idea.

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With DS1 I replaced bottles with a sippy cup of something or a snack at around the same time the bottle would of been. I agree with Kaci though on sending the extra one JIC for a few days.

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I too would send both still, just have them offer water first to the feeding you wish to drop... Blum 3

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The thing is, I could seriously quit sending both bottles tomorrow and she wouldn't care. I'm doing it more out of wanting her to drink the BM than her wanting a bottle. Maybe if I tell them to give her a sippy with water instead of her first bottle then she'll drink all 4 ounces for her second bottle. Yeah right. Who am I kidding!

I'm having a bizarre existential crisis when it comes to sending liquid with her to daycare. I just can't wrap my head around what she'll do when I stop sending BM. Not that she even drinks it anyway! It's hard to explain but I'm just having a hard time grasping that she'll someday not need boob milk anymore. Can't she just nurse forever?!

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I think maybe once she hits a year it probably wont seem that hard to think about but I agree that it would be weird to not send some form of milk with her since she is still an infant. Do you think it is just the bottle she doesnt like? Maybe you can send BM in a sippie cup instead.. Cows milk or even formula if you are tired of pumping. Im sure since she doesnt drink it anyways it wont matter what form of milk that you send.