DS having loose BMs after dairy?

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DS having loose BMs after dairy?

Hey ladies

Yesterday DS had icecream for the first time. He didnt have tons, and really seemed to enjoy it.

Today he's had a few loose BMs, but they are very mild smelling and I almost missed them but I could see it through the diaper and it leaked. I didnt smell a thing.

Do you think this is from the dairy? He's had milk as an ingredient in food but never so straight like in ice cream.

When I was little I apparently couldnt drink cow's milk because it gave me diarrhea. Apparently cow's milk fat is harder to digest, and goat's milk fat is smaller (the particles) and easier to digest. Do you think this is a sign of allergy or just the fat thing. He takes formula every once in awhile and doesnt have issues with it.

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I would bet that it's just a sensitivity because he's so young. I'd been kind of putting whole milk in Lyla's oatmeal and even mixed it half and half with formula once to try to get her to take the formula (without much luck). The little formula/milk mix she ingested though I guess gave her diaper rash.

When I was a baby, my mom said, that I was very sensitive to milk. It gave me diaper rash so bad that it would bleed. I was nearly 2 before I could have milk. Now it's not a problem for me.

My pediatrician told me on Thursday to not give her whole milk yet because she is too young. So maybe he's just sensitive to it because he's so young, or it could be a fluke event and not be related to the ice cream at all. . . :dontknow:

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Could be that his system had a hard time processing the dairy or just sensative. There would have been other things going on too if it was an allergy I would assume.

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DS1 always has loose stools if he's eaten a lot of dairy the day before. Unfortunately for Tobey is has the opposite effect

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He might be sensitive to the dairy, but I think it's more likely there is other stuff in the ice cream that is not really good for them right now. My DD is allergic to cow's milk, and it does cause her tummy problems, but she also has other reactions to it too (like she will break out in a rash).