Easter Pics/Video

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Easter Pics/Video

I finally got these videos off my camera from easter, hopefully they work since I haven't tried posting a video before. We made easter egg cupcakes and Isabelle helped frost them. I was going to dye eggs as well, but I forgot about them while they were boiling and they all cracked, lol!

Decorating her cupcake:

Eating her cupcake:

And a pic of her with her Easter basket:

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She's such a cutie! She looks so grown up. Its gotta be all the hair. I'm impressed that she was so into decorating and then eating the cupcake. T would have smashed it on her head and then fed it to the dogs.

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she is adorable!! Biggrin

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Okay, finally was able to sit still long enough to watch both videos! I can't believe you got her to decorate the cupcake. DS would have eaten the frosting and the cake separately and never would have decorated. I mean this kid tried to eat the eggs that he was dying. Blum 3 lol. She is totally adorable! TFS. Smile

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How adorable!!!!:0)