Eating and Pooping Habits.....Anyone?

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Eating and Pooping Habits.....Anyone?

Hi Ladies! I know I am a complete loser on this board, lol - I really do mean well but I hardly get on here. Anyway...I wanted to see if any of your LO's are experiencing this and what suggestions you have. With my oldest DD she never had any poop issues so this is all new to me.

So since we have been feeding Lexie solids (somewhere around 5 months or so) and still feeding her formula, her poop has changed. It went from creamy (for lack of better word) to actual turds....but she doesn't just have one good poop a day (like our older dd did) she poops a little nugget out with just about every diaper change. They are kinda hard it hurts her at times when she poops. I finally called the doc the other day and they recommended giving her a baby enema and then trying to get prune (food/juice) down her. So the enema was ok, but she's back to the same kind of pooping. UGH!!!

As for eating, she HAD been doing well at solids and then recently has not been eating as well. She also doesn't take her bottle well either. And as for trying to get prunce juice or apple juice down her (even diluted with water) - FAT CHANCE! I remember that babies go through spurts of eating/not eating so this could be one of those. She hasn't started teething yet either so I don't blame it on that. What do you all think?? She has her 9 month appointment with the doc on July 15th, so I will ask him these questions. Just curious of any insight you could give me.

Thanks! Smile

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DS has really taken off with solids recently. And he's gone from poop every morning something that's toothpaste consistency to only pooping every 3-5 days. Today he had two really small poops. Not hard, but more firmer. DS has been such a great pooper that it's kinda concerning me that he hasn't had a real poop in quite a few days now. I'm going to be pushing fruits that are known as good laxatives to him at meal times tomorrow in hope of helping him out some. I don't want to give him juice. So maybe see if she'd like pieces of peaches, quartered grapes, softened pears, etc. I have peaches, grapes, and cherries that I'll be preparing and giving to Aiden tomorrow!

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My old daycare baby had the same issues.. Does she eat alot of rice? If she does try to cut that back a little and stay away from foods that may constipate her like bananas..

Good foods that I have found that will always give a good poo are BlueBerries..
You will probably need to buy these fresh because I dont think jarred will have the same affect. I would blend some up or maybe even 1/4 them and let her go at it..

Other than that it probably is just going to the consistancy of her poop. I dont think you should worry to much unless you really think she is pain while pooping.. Because the most important thing is that she is pooping and not consitpated.

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Lucas doesn't seem to have any poop issues. Neither did my DD, but I did give her jarred prune baby food sometimes and she really seemed to like it. Maybe you could try giving it to her in that form instead of juice?

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We went from BM poops to very formed solid poops once Odin started solids last month. And like you it is in like every diaper when it used to only be every 2 days. He sometimes strains a lot to get it out but I have not noticed it causing him pain. I totally limit the amount of banana he gets and sneek in some prune puree daily. Also finding that the fresh figs I've been giving him this week are helping.

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Delaney had some issues with poop when she first started on solids. She has since regulated and most of her poop is soft-ish. Sometimes a little harder turd. I would certainly try to offer the fruit and juice to loosen her up.

Hope she gets back to normal for you soon. :openarms:

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I give Tobey prune juice in water for his hard poops. Works great Smile

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If you are worried about store bought prune juice (anyone in general) I used the water from when I stewed prunes for Ronin and would take a small amount of that and dilute with water and it worked well.

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Thanks Ladies!! I appreciate all of your advice. Smile

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My DD's poop varies. Somedays it's tiny, rabbit-like poop, and somedays it's a good-size amount and quite soft.

Like others have said, I think as long as they are pooping and don't seem uncomfortable, you're o.k.

Wow, an enema? Glad I haven't had to do that.

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The ladies have totally given you GREAT advice, not that I need to tell you that Wink If you are doing rice cereal, trash it!! It made Sophie so constipated!! We are using Barley cereal and it's got like 2% fiber in it; and I mix it with a couple of spoonfuls of strained prunes from a baby jar & water... She gobbles it up and we can tell it's working!! Her poops had gotten pretty hard and there would be like one or two in each diaper... Now we are getting to a nice texture again and its sooo obvious that it's better for her!!!!

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It is so good to hear that my LO isn't the only one experiencing this! Like I said, my older daughter has always been regular (one poop a day) never any issues. So this has been a change. Thanks again!! Smile

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Teagan went 3 days without pooping this week. This is not her normal MO. She's an every day pooper. It was epic. It was stinky. And it was peanut-buttery. She's never had a formed poop. She doesn't eat a whole lot of solids and she mostly eats table food. I was going to resort to loading her up on fruit it she hadn't pooped today.