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No not preggers. But my SIL IS!! I'm beyond stoked to be an Aunt and for Teagan to have a cousin. You should all go stalk her on the June 2012 board. Her SN is MommyD and she is wicked awesome. She's planning a home birth and she's excited to CD so I'm even more excited that I get to share all the obsessing over those topics with her.

I just got back from CA and I'm packing for a flight to NJ that leaves in like 9 hours so no time to chat. Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas! I know I did (I totally wanted a niece or nephew for X-mas ;)). I'll post X-mas pics for my DITLO when I get back! It'll be a H(oliday)ITLO. Biggrin


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That's really great though! Congrats to her! Can't wait to have a new face on the CDing board (and maybe even the BWing board? Wink ;))!

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Yay! So exciting!
I am so ready to be an aunt and get some cousins for my kiddos, but I probably have a few more years to wait!

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Awwe. Congrats to your SIL! Teagan is going to have so much fun with a neice or nephew!

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Congrats to your SIL. Can't wait for your HITLO lol! Smile

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Yay! That's sooo exciting!!!!!

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That is so exciting! Yay for a cousin for Teagan to grow up with!

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That's wonderful, how exciting! Its great to have cousins close in age-my siblings and I are all very close to our cousins and had tons of fun playing together when we were kids. And it will be so much fun for you and your SIL to share mommy talk!