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1-Your new sig pics are SO cute!!!!
2-How's Ronan doing? He got his cast off finally, right?

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Hey, thanks for checking in! I've been gone- had Dh's family in from VA and NC, then went to visit my cousins who had their babies, and now finally back to "normal" life! I've missed checking in here!

Ronan had his cast off last wednesday morning (under anesthesia- just a gas mask) and has been doing pretty well since. He is SO excited about swimming, and even just moving his legs in general (he kept grabbing both feet in his hands and putting them in his mouth). The dr thinks its not a matter of IF he'll break the femur again, but WHEN, based on the OI and how it healed. Here is a pic of how its healed (the upper/righter is the bone, the lower/inner is the bar of the cast before it was removed).
He wants us to limit the weight-bearing as much as possible for about 3 weeks. Until today he has been pretty good about just crawling, but today he is pulling up on everything and cruising, and looking confused about why his legs don't work right to walk without holding on, so I'm crossing my fingers he doesn't break anytime soon! (or never would be okay Wink )

Thanks again Leigh! It is fun trying to catch up- quite the task though, ga geez ladies!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh wow, that is interesting. Glad to hear that the cast is off at least! Hopefully he doesn't break it again anytime soon.

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Gosh, that has to be especially tough with such a little guy who can't understand WHY he has to be so careful. I hope he gets a break from casts for a while, anyway!

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That would be nearly impossible to keep a toddler from putting weight on their legs for nearly 3 weeks. Poor guy. Hope you guys are cast free for a while to come.

The new siggy pics are totally cute!!!!

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awww Elin the pics are just precious! I hope it doesn't break anytime soon! Poor kiddo has had to deal with enough!

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Poor kiddo! Glad he's cast-free though!