Emma's Party

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Emma's Party

I took a bunch of pictures today at Emma's first birthday party and wanted to share just a couple. She had a lot of fun and was a super good sport!!!

While we were setting up

23872947 pictures later, hehe


Nom Noms

The big cake

The smash cake

So there's a taste of her party. It went over really well and we all had a great time Smile

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So cute!! I love how princess-y everything is!

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Love that first photo! She's adorable! And I'm glad to hear it went well. Smile

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Love her little outfit! Pretty cakes too!

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I love her cakes! She is a complete princess and her outfits are too cute!! Im glad she had a wonderful birthday!

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aw her outfit is so cute! i love her cakes, did you make them? I'm glad she had a good time.

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Aw! I love love love her tutu! I'm not a girly girly but I fall head over heals for tutus. Wink Her cakes were beautiful and so is she!

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I love her birthday outfit, so pretty and princessy! And her cakes were really pretty! Great pictures!

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Great pictures! I like the tutu and crown combo.

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I too, love, love, love the tutu and princess theme.....she is a cutie patootie!!

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I love the princess theme. I'm a bit sad that everything in my life is cars and fire trucks!!

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Awesome party! Love the outfit! How CUTE!!!:0) Cake was cute too!!!!

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Thank you ladies!!!! I just thought she looked...perfect. *sigh* I can't get enough of that little beauty.

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Omgosh!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! She is gorgeous! Smile ...and the cakes are awesome!!

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Looks like a great party! Her outfit is very princess-y! Cute!

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Love them!! I liked the one after "all" those pictures. Such a cutie, and the cakes look amazing!

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Looks like a fun day for the princess! Smile

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Looks like she had a super fun day Biggrin I love her outfit Biggrin

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Love the little pink and yellow tutu! She is such a doll!