Emma's Room (finally!)

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Emma's Room (finally!)

I'm just waiting on these cute lil elephant magnetic curtain holdbacks, but otherwise, the room is done! Here are a couple of pictures:

I know the pictures are kind of dark but, you get the idea! I *love* it.

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It's beautiful. That pink looks great on the walls.

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Awww, what a perfect little princess room!! I love it!

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Love the bright colors and PINK!!:0)

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love it! the decorating looks great

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I love it, so cute!

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Super cute!

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Well done! I love it!

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Very pretty! i love the letters for her name!

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Thank you! I made the letters for her name because I couldn't find anything I liked. I think they turned out perfectly!

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So cute and girly!

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I love the rug. It's such a cute room!

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I really like the letters you did for her name! Super cute! TFS. Smile

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So cute!! That looks like a perfect little girls room, and the letters are great.

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Very girly and cute!

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I love it! Great job Smile

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what a beautiful room! I just love the letters you used for her name!

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Thank you, Carole! They didn't take long to make and were so worth the effort!!!