Extended breastfeeding

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Extended breastfeeding

Hi ladies

Not sure if you have seen this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxv6R9fUO74 but was wondering what you thought of it.

I remember seeing it years ago before having DS and thinking it was disturbing....now I think it's sort of sweet....although 8 years is a LITTLE long!! LOL!!!

But I'm definitely giving thought to extended breastfeeding, and but extended I mean about 2 years. DH thinks it's definitely disturbing, but I just cant see how I would "make" Simon stop when he's 1 if he wants to continue. I do think that the baby should take part in making the decision to wean (obviously Mom too if she needs to).

But 8 years old?!?! Weird.

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ya....i have come a long way on my thoughts about breastfeeding, but i think this is too much:p

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This was on TV the other day. I agree that my opinions on BF have defiantly changed after having children but 8 seems a bit far. I can't imagine an 8 year old not thinking it's weird

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8 is way to old... I even think pretty much anything over 2-3 age range is a bit to much but that is just my personal thoughts that I would never do it after 2 years of age.

What about BFing other peoples kiddos? My aunt and other aunt would bf each other kids when they were babysitting... I think that is a little odd..

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"laurensmitty1982" wrote:

8 is way to old... I even think pretty much anything over 2-3 age range is a bit to much but that is just my personal thoughts that I would never do it after 2 years of age.

What about BFing other peoples kiddos? My aunt and other aunt would bf each other kids when they were babysitting... I think that is a little odd..

yes, agreed to all of this. lol. i am also one of those that would use formula over someone elses breast milk though.

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I'm sorry, to me that is just wrong. I'm all for bf, up to a reasonable point, but at 5 and 7? At some point you have to think about any long term attachment and independance issues you are creating with your child. Can you imagine the teasing they probably receive from their friends?! To me, I think beyond 2 is weird, although maybe even 18 months would be the longest I would ever go given the chance.

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To me, 2 is very reasonable for those that choose that. But if the child is in elementary school and still asking to nurse, too far for me! I have no idea how long I'll BF Aiden other than I just want to meet my goal of 1 year and see what happens after that.

As far as BFing others kids or others BFing mine, if I had a super close friend or relative I wouldn't mind. Especially since I get now that some babies will do everything in their power to not have a bottle. I remember reading an article last year about a wife who died soon after childbirth. She was very strong about BFing. Her husband was upset over it and people in their city volunteered to BF the baby. I found it very sweet. It was more normal for this to happen before formula was invented.

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I'm not sure if I would BF other babies or vice versa just because of thrush. I'd want to make sure first that they absolutely did not have it. Then I guess if I were close with that person I would be ok......but I think I'd worry DS would like the other breasts more than mine! Lol I'm a jealous person!

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I am all for extended BFing, but for me, I really think if they are at an age where they are going to remember it later in life (like, after age 3-4) then it's probably time to stop. I do believe in child-led weaning, but I also think mom's opinion matters, too.

I don't think there is anything magic about the age of one year for weaning. DD1 was still nursing strong at 12 months, and it probably would have been traumatic to her if I had tried to just arbitrarily force weaning at that age. She was nursing strong until about 14-15 months, then very gradually weaned herself. We were done right around 18 months. It was perfect for us and happened so naturally.

I plan to BF until at least 18 months, after that is up to her. If we make it to age 2, I'll reevaluate then. I may feel like having my boobs back at that point, we'll see. Wink

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I also just thought of the fact that an 8 year old will totally remember breastfeeding.. I think that will be tramatic..I would be tramatized if I knew that I was breastfeeding at 8..

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I too, have come along way in my thoughts on breast feeding. Prior to my first I would have been surprised to hear that I would end up nursing her for 15 months. With that said, I look at her now being almost 4 and cannot imagine her walking up to me and asking to nurse. We have other ways of bonding and I don't see any nutritional advantages as I doubt she would still nurse enough to get any real benefits.

As far as having another nurse my baby, my sister and I had about 4 month overlap of nursing our children. I thought about the concept during that period, and concluded that if the need arose I would let her nurse my child and vice versa. Even then, the circumstances would have to ripe. Beyond her and maybe one close friend, I can't see allowing anyone else.

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Yup, 8 is weird! Lol...

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I'm all for extended BFing. Still, I don't think I'd be OK with Teagan going until 8. Although, BFing past 2 is very different than BFing is for babies our LOs ages. Beyond 2 it's usually just down to nighttime and morning. So, NIP isn't really an issue anymore. My goal is 18 months to begin with. Half way there, woot! Then I'll more or less stop enforcing day time nursing. I'd like to be down to just evening and morning so that I don't have to pump any more. When Teagan is 2, we are going to TTC #2 so my next pregnancy might determine how far beyond 2 she nurses. I'm OK with her going until about 3 but if nursing becomes really uncomfortable when I'm PG I might have to persuade her to stop.

ETA: On the subject of nursing another woman's baby. I'd totally do it! Sure, it's a source of bonding with your baby but ultimately, it's just food. If another baby needed it I'd nurse him/her. When a friend of mine was watching Teagan and she was refusing bottles she asked if she could nurse her as she was still nursing her then 16 month old. I said it was fine so long as she'd really tried the bottle first. It never actually happened but I would have been OK with it.

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I'm all for extended BFing too but agree that 8 is a little much. I can't even imagine my almost 6 year old still wanting to nurse. We are all open about our bodies and such with him, but BFing him would be so uncomfortable both physically and mentally at this point. He weaned at only 6 months but I know Odin will be nursing a lot longer. My goal is to nurse until 18 months or the milk dries up due to another pregnancy. However, I am really open to nursing him into age 2. That would also mean nursing through pregnancy (depending on supply and interest) and also tandum nursing when #3 arrives.

I'd totally nurse someone else's baby as well. I used to get BM from my cousin when DS1 was an infant and was having nursing trouble. She lived in AZ and I lived in CA so she would send the milk. But if she had lived closer then I would have been totally cool with her actually nursing him instead.

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* is a bit excessive. My views on bfing have changed since I was in highschool. I always knew I would bf but in high school I said 6 months andthat was it, then a bit later I said once teeth popped through it would be over, now I am at min 12 months and he can self wean after that, but not until 8. My cousin used to have a kid in his street who when they were all out playing in the afternoons would just walk up to his Mum , pull her top down, have a quick feed and go on his way. This kid was about 5 at the time.

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I agree that 8 is excessive. I would be comfortable nursing until 2 or 3 (thinking just morning and evening nursing by that point though). However I plan to start TTC #2 when DD is 1 and at this point I don't think I want to nurse while pregnant as I had BH contractions starting pretty early w/ the last one so I would be nervous that the nursing would cause contractions. But we'll have to see how it goes, it might be fine and I don't want to force DD to wean if she isn't ready. I would be fine with sharing pumped breastmilk if I trusted the source, I would have to think about actually nursing another baby or havnig someone nurse my baby. I would do it if there was a strong need, but its kind of weird to think of just because it seems very intimate to me.

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Wow, I can't even imagine 8! I'm guessing this woman must have tandem nursed, since the girls don't seem all that far apart in age. I wonder how many years she has consecutively BF? I wonder if there's an entry in Guinness for something like that. lol Can you imagine the hormone adjustment when she finally weans(ed)?? Crazy.

I'm not sure how I feel about nursing someone else's child or vice versa... but I remember reading a news article about a cop who BF 6 babies at one time after the tsunami back in 2006 or 07. Now I can't remember, but it was some big natural disaster and this officer was already nursing her baby and just started nursing these other babies because they either couldn't find the mothers or the mothers had died. I was just amazed that she could make that much milk!!! I would totally do something like that, if my body could adjust...